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JENKINS: What your wife really wants, Part 2

Last week, in the first installment of this two-part series aimed at married guys, I talked about three things any good wife wants.

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JENKINS: What your wife really wants, Part 1

A couple of months ago, I wrote a pair of columns aimed at married women about “what your husband really wants.” This time around, in the interests of fairness, balance, and gender equity, I’d like to address the husbands.

JENKINS: False media portrayals fan flames of social unrest

What happens to a free society when those charged with uncovering truth decide instead that advancing a cause, however dubious, is more important?

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JENKINS: Why isn’t UGA football better than it is?

The problem for Georgia fans is that they have a good football program, maybe even a very good football program. It’s just not an elite football program, one that competes regularly for national championships. Whatever the reason, the Dawgs can’t seem to get over that hump.

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JENKINS: Everything I need to know, I learned from reading Louis L'Amour

Seriously, guys, do we really need a Public Service Announcement featuring NFL players to teach us not to hit women?

JENKINS: What your husband really wants, Part 2

Last week, specifically addressing married women, I wrote about three things your husband wants from your relationship — assuming he’s a decent guy. Here are four more.

JENKINS: What your husband really wants, Part 1

Assuming your guy is a keeper, there are certain things he wants from a relationship that you probably ought to be aware of — and some of them might surprise you.

JENKINS: Is anybody really surprised by another athletic scandal?

When I hear the talking heads profess shock and dismay over the latest athletic scandal at the University of North Carolina, I have to wonder if their angst is manufactured.

JENKINS: ‘The Devil’s Dictionary,’ Election 2014 edition

Between 1904 and 1912, newspaperman Ambrose Bierce penned a series of columns for the Hearst newspapers offering his satirical definitions of everyday terms, which he later compiled into a single volume under the title “The Devil’s Dictionary.”

JENKINS: Holding my nose and pulling the lever for Grandpa’s Old Peeps

Like most Georgians — heck, most Americans — I currently suffer from EFS: Election Fatigue Syndrome. Symptoms include an aversion to telephones and a growing conviction that everything politicians say is a lie.

JENKINS: Young parents, these really are the best years

Don’t wish your life away, and your kids’ lives away, waiting for them to grow up. Trust me, they will, and all too soon.

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JENKINS: How to help your kids thrive in public school

If you’re dissatisfied with the public schools yet not sold on any of the alternatives, let me share some of the strategies my wife and I used to help our four children not only survive but thrive in public school and beyond.

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JENKINS: Why Common Core is un-American

I recently heard a pundit opine that America was founded on the principle of equality. Really? Did Patrick Henry say, “Give me equality or give me death”? Does the Pledge of Allegiance end, “with equality and justice for all”?

JENKINS: Left-wing hysteria machine running in high gear

When it comes to topics like “climate change” and the origins of the universe, leftists are all about “the science.” They’re inordinately proud of their “data” — even if they occasionally have to make some up.

JENKINS: Taking the test for Southern citizenship

Here is the Southern Citizenship Examination. Choose the best answer to each question. And try not to screw up too bad, bless your heart.