Rob Jenkins


JENKINS: Raising fearless kids in a scary world

We never set out to teach our kids to be fearless, but it’s true that they are — and that’s not always easy on us as parents. Bad things can and sometimes do happen. And yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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JENKINS: What happens when we throw out the rules?

Traditions mostly reflect what the human race has discovered actually works. We abandon those time-tested guidelines at our peril.

JENKINS: Where poverty comes from (and how to defeat it)

Perhaps without meaning to, President Obama recently seemed to rebuke — wait for it — Jesus Christ.

JENKINS: The four types of parents: Which one are you?

We all know some parents are too strict and others too lenient. But according to research conducted by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, it’s not quite that simple. Parenting styles can actually be placed on a continuum, with four main types.

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JENKINS: 'Government' schools? Maybe — but in America, we're the government

Not all private schools are better than all public schools, and this notion that we’re failing our kids if we send them to “government” schools is utter nonsense. It depends on the situation.

JENKINS: Adding my daughter to my list of favorite moms

Over the years, I’ve used this space on Mother’s Day to sing the praises of mothers in general and a few mothers in particular, like my wife and step-mother. Today I hope you’ll indulge me as I pay tribute to my newest favorite mom: my daughter Jenny.

JENKINS: Dear students: You have no right not to be offended

Young people, liberty and democracy are not for sissies or nitwits.

JENKINS: The question is: ‘progress’ toward what?

Leftists have begun calling themselves “progressives.” I suppose they think that sounds better than “socialists,” but it raises an obvious question: “Progress toward what?” Because if the goal is more freedom and prosperity for all, we’re certainly headed in the wrong direction.

JENKINS: Fun tax facts to celebrate the end of income tax season

Enjoy your tax refund, and try not to think about what the government is doing with the money they’re borrowing from you (interest free) this year.

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JENKINS: Left’s philosophy: academic freedom for me but not for thee

Left’s philosophy: Academic freedom for me but not thee

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JENKINS: What do religious freedom and Obamacare have in common?

One aspect of the religious freedom controversy that’s not getting much attention is its similarity to the debate over Obamacare. The same issue lies at the heart of both — namely, whether the government can force people to enter into contracts against their will.

JENKINS: ‘Fringe’ sports create more opportunities for kids

Faced with the reality of how difficult it is to find a spot on the baseball and basketball teams, a lot of athletic-minded high-schoolers these days are opting out of the traditional sports and turning instead to track, cross country, lacrosse, swimming, soccer, or volleyball.

JENKINS: Answering your questions about little league

As the weather shifted this week from deep winter to mid-summer practically overnight, I was reminded that the little league baseball and softball season is already in full swing.

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JENKINS: Merger ups the ante for dual enrollment students

It’s that time of year again — time for me to write about dual enrollment. I always choose early spring, of course, because that’s when rising high school seniors and their parents need to be thinking seriously about getting a head start on college by taking classes at a local campus.

JENKINS: How the GPC-GSU merger could benefit Gwinnett students

In the two months since the planned merger between Georgia Perimeter College and Georgia State University was announced, a picture of what the new, consolidated institution might look like has begun to emerge — even if it’s still a bit fuzzy around the edges.