Rob Jenkins


JENKINS: The real problem with Donald Trump

I realize many like the idea that Trump isn’t beholden to anyone, that he doesn’t have to take money from PACs and other special interests. But do we really want a system in which only the richest of the rich are able to run for high office?

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JENKINS: Donald Trump’s appeal is not hard to explain

Whatever you think of Donald Trump personally, we have him to thank for the newfound, long-awaited frankness of our political discourse.

JENKINS: Are we coddling our college students to death?

Seems like the more we try to shelter students from anything that might damage their delicate psyches, the more those misguided efforts backfire. Maybe that’s because, to become happy, well-adjusted adults, young people must learn to deal with adversity.

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JENKINS: Why does college cost so much?

The average price of attending college has doubled over the past 12 years and quadrupled over the past 30

JENKINS: Why in the world do we still tolerate the TSA?

I know what you’re thinking: “It’s not fair to compare an airport to a retail store. Airport security is a matter of life and death.” That’s a reasonable observation.

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JENKINS: ‘White privilege’ and other offensive stereotypes

To say that someone has succeeded solely because of some immutable quality, like race, is insensitive and degrading. And that’s no different for white people than for anyone else.

JENKINS: Are the Planned Parenthood videos fake?

The word on the left-wing blogosphere is that recent videos showing Planned Parenthood employees talking about selling “fetal tissue” and other horrors are “fake” or “doctored” or “selectively edited,” taking people’s statements “out of context.”

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JENKINS: Planned Parenthood defenders are on the wrong side of history

The left loves to lecture the rest of us about being “on the wrong side of history,” as if history were some sort of choreographed march toward a fixed point, and not merely a record of what fallible, illogical, and unpredictable human beings have actually said and done.

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JENKINS: Warning: the speech you suppress might be your own

It’s not that conservatives never try to suppress speech. But the left has invented a right not to be offended and developed outrage into an art form.

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JENKINS: Four ignorant things people say about free speech

Whether you’re Louis Farrakhan or the KKK or the New Black Panthers or Westboro Baptist Church — or even Donald Trump — you have the right to say what you want. And so do I.

JENKINS: Agency bans violent, 'micro-aggressive' sports movies

The U.S. Department of Entertainment, formerly known as the Federal Communications Commission, today announced a ban on inspirational sports-themed films.

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JENKINS: A message from your U.S. Department of Religion

A message from your U.S. Department of Religion

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JENKINS: Thinking about getting a tattoo? Don’t do it

Let me make this clear right up front: I don’t hate people who have tattoos. I don’t despise them or look down on them or think less of them just because they have tattoos. One of the people I love most in the world has several tattoos, souvenirs from his time in the U.S. Army.

JENKINS: Four men’s ‘fashions’ that don’t look good on any man

The key is to men’s fashion is to think about what you would wear if you were 17 — and then put on anything else.

JENKINS: This Father's Day, consider the devastating consequences of fatherlessness

The solution to much of what ails America is for men to ignore what the culture tells us about fatherhood, buck the trend, marry the mothers of their children, refrain from producing children outside of marriage, become involved in the lives of their children, and actively co-parent alongside their wives.