Lisa McLeod


MCLEOD: Why you shouldn't tell your boss everything

The boss wants what we all want: support, respect and someone to say, "I've got your back buddy."

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MCLEOD: Why other people make it hard to get things done

It's easier to do small stuff by yourself, but to get the big wins you have to work with other people.

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MCLEOD: Why hating rich people is making you broke

Author Randy Gage says there's no reason to dislike people because they have money.

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MCLEOD: What is the poison person costing you?

If you're a boss, don't underestimate how much one person's negativity can affect your entire team. No one is skilled enough to merit ruining the morale of a whole group.

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MCLEOD: How 2 minutes of power posing can make you more confident

What goes through your mind before you walk into an important meeting?

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MCLEOD: Three things the smog of Beijing could not hide

The other truism my time in China has reaffirmed for me, is that people are fabulous. They invent, they create, they sell, and they love. These are things that always make me happy to be human.

MCLEOD: To sell is human

"There's a bias that sales is not intellectual," author Daniel Pink says, "Most people have no idea what salespeople do. They don't understand the skill and intellectual acuity it takes to be a good salesperson."

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MCLEOD: Why looks matter more than you think

Humans are visual; we can ignore it, or adjust accordingly.

MCLEOD: The time-saving rule that most people think is stupid

You know the people who are always worrying about whether or not someone is trying to take advantage of them?. Maybe you know someone like this. They question the motives, quality and price of everything. When they need to buy something, they spend hours trying to figure out the exact

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MCLEOD: Why it's never just one thing

The people who say that their one thing didn't contribute to the problem are probably the people who don't have to face a black, jagged child-shaped hole in their soul.

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MCLEOD: 7 books that changed my life

It wasn't until my early 20s that I turned to reading as a form of personal development. Prior to that, non-fiction was something that teachers assigned, grindingly boring tomes that you read only because you had to, and you forgot right after the test. Then I read "The Road Less Traveled" and everything changed. For the first time I realized that books aren't always about other people, sometimes they're about me.

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MCLEOD: Why we lose sight of our purpose

Your life has a purpose, and it's bigger than just your tasks. It's about the love, joy and success you bring to others. Remind yourself of that the next time you're having a hard day.

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MCLEOD: How to avoid the fatal money mistake

It's ironic, but the business research shows that when you overemphasize money, you make less of it. But when your noble purpose is to help customers, you drive more revenue.

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MCLEOD: Why adults whine

Whining is like cheap wine, sweet on your lips, but if you indulge too often, you'll never get anything done.

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MCLEOD: Why fear is a terrible motivator

Whether it's improving life customers, or making the world a better place for everyone, when people have a larger purpose than just trying to keep their jobs, they're more focused, and more effective. They're also more likely to act in a bold and courageous manner.