Lisa McLeod


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MCLEOD: Why most bosses are self-absorbed

It's funny what happens when executives rise about selfish instincts. Acting like the boss you wish you had brings out the best in everyone.

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MCLEOD: 3 mistakes that will mess up your life

You don't have to make the mistakes to learn the lessons. Wisdom doesn't have to be hard won, but you do have to look for it.

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MCLEOD: Why we're weird about salespeople

At the most basic level a salesperson is someone who is so passionate about their offering that they do everything they can to skillfully share the good news. And there's nothing weird about that.

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MCLEOD: Why servant leadership is slightly off

Open door leadership takes work. It requires mastering the duality of power and service, being both confident and humble at the same time. It also means helping your people become more confident and pulling through opportunity rather than pushing through fear.

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MCLEOD: Why compromise never works

You don't create greatness by compromising in the middle ground. You create greatness by having the guts to wade through the unknown. The middle ground is safer, but seeking higher ground is worth the effort.

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MCLEOD: Learn which feedback to listen to and which to ignore

Are you listening to the wrong feedback?. All feedback is not valid. A big problem with feedback is that we often listen to the wrong sources.. For example, my friend Julie felt called to make handmade cards.. From an early age she crafted masterpieces. She spent hours on each card

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MCLEOD: How the nobility of sales is eroded

Sales is a noble profession; we shouldn't let it be sullied by the people who do it badly.

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MCLEOD: Why understanding the back story helps

Twenty-something years ago several babies were born. Some of them wound up creating violence; others tried to save people from it. I want to know why.

MCLEOD: 3 things successful happy people do differently

There are distinct differences between the way successful happy people approach life versus those who continually struggle.

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MCLEOD: Are your metaphors ruining your relationships?

Your metaphors create the narrative of your life. Choose imagery that will help you show up with passion for the people who matter to you.

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MCLEOD: How to become the most persuasive person in the room

Acknowledging and appreciating uncertainty doesn't make you less powerful. It makes you more powerful.

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MCLEOD: Who are you letting into your head?

Your mood, productivity, opinions and ambition are affected by the people you let into your life, and your head.

MCLEOD: Why defining your brand matters

It's up to you to decide what your brand is, and what it isn't.

MCLEOD: Are you trying to make the wrong decisions?

Trying to decide too early doesn't propel you forward, it holds you back. Next time you're facing an uncertain situation, instead of flashing forward two steps, stay in the present. That's where the best decisions are always made.

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MCLEOD: Protecting yourself from being hit in the gut by the two-by-four called love

So that's what we're left with, the risk of love. It's sad, it's ugly, and it's worth it.