Lisa McLeod


MCLEOD: Why compromise is a flawed model

We’ve been told that when two sides disagree, we’re supposed to compromise, but that never really works.

MCLEOD: Why millenials consider an iPhone a basic human right

Kit Yarrow, author of “Gen Buy: How Tweens, Teens and Twenty-Somethings are Revolutionizing Retail,” says, “What you learn as a kid kind of becomes your values as an adult, so this generation really knows luxury and quality, and that’s what they want.”

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MCLEOD: How to create a culture of purpose

People want to make money. They also want to make a difference. Creating a culture of passion and purpose is how you do both.

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MCLEOD: Redundant paperwork ruins everything

Paperwork is bad enough, but when people ask you to fill out their forms with the same information you provided on a previous visit, they’re trying to make their life easier, not yours.

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MCLEOD: Three reasons you might need a Red Team

What if you had a team of people whose sole job was to find fault with your thinking? It’s called a Red Team. Used by the CIA, IBM, the Army, news organizations and other businesses, a Red team is a group designed to penetrate your defenses

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MCLEOD: How to navigate the blurry years

The lines between work and home may be blurred, but make no mistake, the skills and mindset required in each venue remain distinctly different.

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MCLEOD: Why bosses and teachers have so much power over families

The boss affects every member of the employee’s family. The same is true of teachers. Your spouse’s boss and your kids’ teachers can be a source of joy, or misery, for an entire family.

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MCLEOD: Why we're usually wrong about other people

You’re not the person you were 25 or even two years ago, neither is anyone else. Don’t let assumptions about who a person once was inform the way you interact with them today.

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MCLEOD: Why moving the needle matters

You don’t accomplish big things overnight; you move the needle every day. Sometimes you get the big score and sometime you don’t. Whichever way it turns out moving the needle is always worth the effort.

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MCLEOD: What the worst companies in America have in common

Running a big organization isn’t easy; I truly empathize with the leaders that made the awful list. But as my grandmother used to say, if you want to fix a problem, the best place to start is with yourself.

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MCLEOD: Our three biggest fears

Your fears and insecurity don’t exist outside of your own head. Banishing them from your brain isn’t easy, but it leaves space for something more fun and productive.

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MCLEOD: Three ways to break out of the gerbil syndrome

Life may come at you in frantic endless blips, but don't let the pace of your electronics set the pace for your life.

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MCLEOD: Why mentoring relationships matter

It may seem like you don't have time for developing relationships and mentoring. But what's the long-term cost of not doing it?

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MCLEOD: Why the 'cheap' airline is beating the big boys

When was the last time you got enthusiastic service from an airline employee?. Compare and contrast these two stories to see how senior leadership affects employee commitment:. Last year, I lost my wallet on a late night Delta airlines flight. I stumbled off the plane in a bleary-eyed stupor

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MCLEOD: Why most bosses are self-absorbed

It's funny what happens when executives rise about selfish instincts. Acting like the boss you wish you had brings out the best in everyone.