Lisa McLeod


McLEOD: How to solve the ‘I hate my job’ problem

Purpose drives profit, not the other way around. You don’t create purpose by making a profit; you make a profit by establishing a Noble Purpose.

McLEOD: What’s the matter with work?

You don’t have to become a fireman or a nurse to fulfill the childhood fantasy of an important meaningful job. You can sell toothpaste. The secret of meaningful work is shifting your focus from the what to the who. Instead of focusing on the output of your job, focus on who benefits.

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McLEOD: Your backstory matters

Intent is always more interesting than implementation. If you want to be more compelling, start sharing your backstory.

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ROMAN: Our Black Ancestry: A Personal Story

When my friend Diana told me about her family legacy, I was stunned. But no more stunned than when she discovered it herself.

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McLEOD: Don’t be a guilty volunteer

The next time someone scans the room asking for volunteers, scan your own heart, if you find guilt instead of enthusiasm, please, put your hand down.

McLEOD: Yes, business is really a force for good

The takers are not the norm. They’re the outliers. It’s time to stop letting a few greedy fools define the story of business. Capitalism gives more than it takes, and we need to win that story.

McLEOD: Are you a boiling frog or an evolved human?

If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will immediately leap out. But if you put a frog in cool water and gradually turn up the heat, the frog will boil to death without ever trying to escape. The same thing happens to people.

McLEOD: How would a 5-year-old evaluate your priorities

The same thing happens in organizations. Whatever the leader gives the most air time to is assumed to be the most important thing to that leader.

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McLEOD: Leadership lessons from Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky had the guts and grace to own her mistake and turn it into something better. That is the real definition of a leader.

McLEOD: Marketing tips from the two best panhandlers in Vegas

I was recently in Vegas, where a walk down The Strip is a marketing juggernaut. From the costumed characters tossing you coupons for the all-you-can-eat buffet, to the carnival-like barkers pitching you on the coolest show in town, everyone is trying to sell you something. And then there are the panhandlers.

McLEOD: Is your job just a job?

People want to make money. They also want to make a difference. Bringing Noble Purpose into your work enables you to do both.

McLEOD: Internal Customers: A flawed concept that drives mediocrity

The internal customer is a well-intended concept that drives mediocrity. Real customers are the people who pay you, and use your services; they’re the people that everyone in your organization should focus on.

McLEOD: Your company’s culture matters more than goals

Goals are what you want to do. Culture is a critical element of how you get there. Be intentional and explicit about both.

McLEOD: Errors of apathy may be eroding your organization

The leader’s job is to take fear off the table. You create a proactive culture by rewarding initiative. Make it known that you want people to challenge the status quo, and take risks.

McLEOD: The mental shortcut that allows you to make quick decisions

Next time you’re faced with a challenge, don’t default to an either/or mindset. Your brain may prefer a false dichotomy, but your spirit and the universe prefer the Power of AND