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JENKINS: What do religious freedom and Obamacare have in common?

One aspect of the religious freedom controversy that’s not getting much attention is its similarity to the debate over Obamacare. The same issue lies at the heart of both — namely, whether the government can force people to enter into contracts against their will.

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McLEOD: Leadership lessons from Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky had the guts and grace to own her mistake and turn it into something better. That is the real definition of a leader.

RICH: Southerns love to tell (and collect) good stories

Southerners tend to collect stories. And, we tend to talk to anyone who will talk to us. The latter tends to lead to the first.

LARSON: Celebrating my own ‘Sweet Sixteen’

Sweet 16. That describes so well the quantity and quality of my years as a Gwinnett Daily Post columnist.

JENKINS: ‘Fringe’ sports create more opportunities for kids

Faced with the reality of how difficult it is to find a spot on the baseball and basketball teams, a lot of athletic-minded high-schoolers these days are opting out of the traditional sports and turning instead to track, cross country, lacrosse, swimming, soccer, or volleyball.

McLEOD: Marketing tips from the two best panhandlers in Vegas

I was recently in Vegas, where a walk down The Strip is a marketing juggernaut. From the costumed characters tossing you coupons for the all-you-can-eat buffet, to the carnival-like barkers pitching you on the coolest show in town, everyone is trying to sell you something. And then there are the panhandlers.

LARSON: Having a leg up on the fashion scene

I recently read in the Wall Street Journal that the latest fashion trend among teenage girls is mismatched socks, which is very upsetting to some parents.

RICH: Making time to write it all down

One morning I went for a run, boldly planning all that I would write that day.

JENKINS: Answering your questions about little league

As the weather shifted this week from deep winter to mid-summer practically overnight, I was reminded that the little league baseball and softball season is already in full swing.

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JENKINS: Merger ups the ante for dual enrollment students

It’s that time of year again — time for me to write about dual enrollment. I always choose early spring, of course, because that’s when rising high school seniors and their parents need to be thinking seriously about getting a head start on college by taking classes at a local campus.

LARSON: Friends, fans add color to column

I was tickled pink at all the responses I got to my column about my color conundrum three decades ago when fashionable homes were lavished with orange, gold and black while baby furniture was drenched in turquoise and lime green.

LARSON: Weaving words from family fabric

In these times of texting, a real live phone call from any of my kids is always a welcome treat. This was especially true a few weeks ago when my stepdaughter Chrisa called to ask for advice.

RICH: Wisdom and NASCAR philosophy

Wisdom and NASCAR philosophy.

JENKINS: How the GPC-GSU merger could benefit Gwinnett students

In the two months since the planned merger between Georgia Perimeter College and Georgia State University was announced, a picture of what the new, consolidated institution might look like has begun to emerge — even if it’s still a bit fuzzy around the edges.

RICH: The definition of ‘good ol’ boy’

I’m always suspicious when Yankees talk about rednecks because they’re bad to clump all Southerners into that category.