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LARSON: Musing over the 'move over' law

A reminder to be safe on the road.

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JENKINS: Runoff elections highlight flaws in the system

If you want to know what’s wrong with our political system, look no further than last week’s runoff elections.

JENKINS: Why Americans still haven’t embraced soccer—and how they might

In the run-up to the World Cup, and during the first two weeks of the tournament itself, all we heard was how crazy Americans were about soccer — finally.

RICH: A reminder of why I love the South

It happened the other day. It’s funny how things so simple can remind us of things so meaningful, of those sweets that are tucked inside our hearts and unknowingly treasured.

LARSON: Woman finds prophet-able career in pot making

When she was in her late 30’s, Pam Koehler-Camp was a highly paid accountant who’d just gotten a dream promotion, yet a voice inside her told her she’d become a potter. And she laughed.

MCLEOD: Why the GM ‘don’t blame me’ problem really happened

Science defines culture as “the cultivation of bacteria, tissue cells, etc., in an artificial medium containing nutrients.” The same principle applies to business. Culture is the cultivation of the human beliefs swirling and growing in the petri dish labeled: your organization.

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LARSON: A picture is worth a thousand Facebook posts

When I look at all we “know” about people through social media and Internet mining, I can’t help but think about Sofie, one of my adult ESOL students at Meadowcreek.

RICH: Mama was cool in her own way

My parents, according to the world’s definition of “cool” were not.

MCLEOD: Three keys to getting yourself organized

When you know what’s important to you, it’s a lot easier to organize the good stuff, and part with the useless junk.

JENKINS: Three good reasons to make time for daddy-daughter dates

As the father of a young daughter, you have an awesome responsibility: Your little girl will form her initial judgments about men from watching you.

LARSON: Gwinnett commemorates freedom every day

Gwinnett commemorates freedom every day

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RICH: Learning to live with the new Southern Living

A few years ago, the magazine I have long loved – Southern Living – changed. Like most Southerners, I have an aversion to change which is why our traditions have such strangle hold. We never let go.

JENKINS: Appreciating the greatness that is LeBron James

Watching LeBron James play in the recent NBA playoffs reminded me of myself. OK, maybe I ought to clarify that last statement a little bit.

MCLEOD: Giving everyone a trophy sets us up for failure at work, life

Giving away meaningless trophies doesn’t inspire anyone to new heights of improved performance. Nor does it build self-esteem.

LARSON: Locals find novel success in spare time

Looking for a good read? Gwinnett authors have written up quite a variety of novels. And many of them are, well, quite novel considering some of their “day jobs.”