Living Columnists


RICH: Of good deeds and repayment in different forms

Old, proud men are more worried about pulling their own weight than getting something for nothing.

LARSON: Look and learn about art at local libraries

Diversity on display is how I describe the ongoing art exhibits at the Gwinnett County libraries.

McLEOD: Your company’s culture matters more than goals

Goals are what you want to do. Culture is a critical element of how you get there. Be intentional and explicit about both.

LARSON: Year of Goat no kidding matter

The Year of the Goat starts on Feb. 19, perfect timing for column fodder.

JENKINS: Chivalry might not be dead, but it certainly seems to be on life support

Has chivalry gone completely out of style? Are boys no longer taught good manners? Or have we simply become so self-absorbed that we fail to notice the plight of those around us?

RICH: Grocery store is as good as place as any for a nice conversation

It is, I believe, a distinct and unique trait of the South the way we carry on long conversations with people we are passing in the loaf bread section of the grocery store or in the checkout line.

McLEOD: Errors of apathy may be eroding your organization

The leader’s job is to take fear off the table. You create a proactive culture by rewarding initiative. Make it known that you want people to challenge the status quo, and take risks.

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JENKINS: Being involved in your kids' school isn't really optional anymore

When your child starts school, so will you — and it won’t be half as much fun as the first time around.

LARSON: Help Gwinnett put a feather in its cap

Interested in birds? Then join the Great Backyard Bird Count, which runs from Feb. 13-16 this year. All you have to do is create an online account and count birds in your backyard – or anywhere - for at least 15 minutes.

RICH: Remembering my old, grizzled sports writing friends

I loved those old sports writers. They were rilliant at that their craft, and each was kind to a young, prissy girl thrust into their midst.

JENKINS: The real enemy isn't socialism, it's "fascism light"

I know calling people “fascists” isn’t very nice, so let me take a few moments to explain what I mean before telling you why I believe neo-fascism is a greater danger.

RICH: Plenty of renegades in my family tree

My ancestors were taught to shoot first and ask questions later.

McLEOD: The mental shortcut that allows you to make quick decisions

Next time you’re faced with a challenge, don’t default to an either/or mindset. Your brain may prefer a false dichotomy, but your spirit and the universe prefer the Power of AND

LARSON: Putting down roots for a green history month

Two different Arbor Days fall in February.

JENKINS: Finding balance doesn’t necessarily require a circus act

Life, Darwin noted, involves constant struggle. Indeed, one of the great paradoxes of existence is that life is always seeking and striving for balance — and yet if perfect balance were ever achieved, life would cease to exist, or at least cease to be meaningful.