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LARSON: Author's imagination sparked by Fire Academy

“I’m always looking for ways to kill people,” Lawrenceville author writer Fran Stewart said, being sure to clarify that she means in print and electronic form only.

JENKINS: Young parents, these really are the best years

Don’t wish your life away, and your kids’ lives away, waiting for them to grow up. Trust me, they will, and all too soon.

RICH: Boys will be boys

My husband is like a relentless teenager. When he wants something, he persists until it’s easier for me to say “yes” just to get him out of my hair.

McLEOD: How volunteering for your boss changes your trajectory

Most people do what their boss asks, but only a select few figure out what their boss really needs.

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JENKINS: How to help your kids thrive in public school

If you’re dissatisfied with the public schools yet not sold on any of the alternatives, let me share some of the strategies my wife and I used to help our four children not only survive but thrive in public school and beyond.

McLEOD: Why being frantic leads to being burned out

How many times have you worked like a fiend on something and then found yourself so burned out you couldn’t bear to even look at it again?

LARSON: Pharmacist helps seniors extend life, save money

“A recent study estimated that roughly one in seven Americans 65 and older is taking at least one potentially inappropriate medication. Every year, 38 million older Americans experience serious complications from the medicines they take. The number of Americans treated in hospitals for medication-related problems top two million, and more than half of those hospitalized were 65 and older,” AARP reports.

RICH: A fire that left nothing but ashes and memories

It was hard not to see the ghosts in the blacken ashes, to hear their whisperings, or to recall the wisdom plied like a fine whiskey upon the ones who would listen and take note.

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JENKINS: Why Common Core is un-American

I recently heard a pundit opine that America was founded on the principle of equality. Really? Did Patrick Henry say, “Give me equality or give me death”? Does the Pledge of Allegiance end, “with equality and justice for all”?

LARSON: October all wrapped up in Red Ribbon Week

Back in 1988, to help kick off the inaugural National Red Ribbon Week, a PTA lady asked me to come to the Trickum Middle School parking lot to help decorate all the school buses with red ribbons

McLEOD: Beauty matters at work, but not in the way you think

When things look chaotic, people are more likely to act chaotic. Our minds, and our actions respond to our surroundings. When you’re surrounded by beauty, you’re happier and more confident.

JENKINS: Left-wing hysteria machine running in high gear

When it comes to topics like “climate change” and the origins of the universe, leftists are all about “the science.” They’re inordinately proud of their “data” — even if they occasionally have to make some up.

LARSON: Getting to the heart of baseball

You’ve heard the expression about wearing your heart on your sleeve. Well, it was never meant to be taken literally, but a certain baseball team has no problem letting others know where their heart is.

McLEOD: The ‘my job is harder’ fight isn’t one you want to win

If you want to be miserable, keep trying to win the “I have it harder than you do” award. If you want to be happy, express gratitude for the person on the other side.

RICH: Miss Elinor’s thank you

It often amazes me how many words of kindness and encouragement I receive for the stories I tell. Often, a reader will write, “You don’t know me but I feel that we are friends.”