Letters to the Editor


LETTERS: Kudos to Publix for closing on Thanksgiving

Kudos to Publix supermarkets on their decision to close their stores on Thanksgiving in order to allow their employees to spend and enjoy time with their families.

LETTERS: Climate change must be addressed

Extreme weather conditions and changing temperatures are not only impacting the environment but are costing taxpayers money. Super storm Sandy, wildfires on the west coast and a drought in the Midwest cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion last year. Yet government officials continue to deny the existence of climate change.

LETTERS: Thanks to Grace Snell Middle School for a moving tribute

I would like to share the experience I had last week at Grace Snell Middle School on Veterans Day. I served in the Army Nurse Corps what feels like a very long time ago. My daughter’s seventh grade class presented a program in honor of the day, and the kids invited the vets they knew.

LETTERS: Stadiums don't make champions

Stadiums have been built, torn down, and rebuilt for all these sports with nothing to show for it but spent money. Once again football and baseball are about to do another round of changing stadiums for whatever reason. It seems to me that the lack of championships are not going to be solved by buildings or locations, but by the teams that play in them.

LETTERS: Recognizing Vietnam vets highlight of Veterans Day service

I sat in the audience on Monday, looking at the Vietnam vets standing in front of me. Tears ran down my face because I remembered how these soldiers were treated when they came home from the war, and I remembered wo dear friends who did not come home.


I get angry every time Gwinnett County Commissioners claim that SPLOST funds will be used to fund specific system as they did recently when they claimed SPLOST would fund the “school emergency system”.

LETTERS: Facts skewed on Affordable Care Act

It appears that a country with high quality care overall, but unequal distribution, would rank below a country with lower quality care but equal distribution. Anyone wanting to get their medical care in Cuba should go for it.

LETTERS: Tired of the shutdown

Maybe the monarchy form of government isn’t so bad considering everyone knew that the king was responsible for everything and he paid the price when the people had enough.

LETTERS: Republicans falsely labeled

It is interesting that the most newsworthy item we have seen since our bloated federal government has shut down is World War II veterans being barred from visiting memorials. Otherwise, our free society and free-enterprise business community seems to be chugging along just fine, which is what made this country great.

LETTERS: Columnist offers no solutions on health care

Mr. Thomas offers much criticism of the Affordable Care Act but fails to add anything to the discussion how we can repair our broken health care system.

LETTERS: Suwanee council should not ignore veterans cemetary

Why did the city council ever let any historic district map of the city to be drawn up withouth the cemetary and its WWI and WWII veteran grave sits being included?

LETTERS: Disagreeing with the rezoning of 'The Range'

I will have to agree with Messrs. Hicks, Knapp, and others in opposition, that the projected property tax revenues could be negated by the county services the residents in the development will require ongoing. This is not to mention any county infrastructure improvements that may be required to facilitate this development.

LETTERS: Appreciation of the Pope's message

Pope Francis suggests we follow two well known precepts: love God (Yahweh/Allah) and love our neighbor. Even if one does not espouse the former, we can all practice the latter.

LETTERS: Always good to be reminded of getting back to the basics

Just as children need to be reminded to say “please” and “thank you,” adults need to hear messages of not only “work hard,” “be kind” and “be patient,” but now, with our culture, even “be courteous,” and “be responsible,” and maybe even “be self-reliant.”

LETTERS: When it comes to complaints, where are the solutions?

A successful businessman once said “Don’t bring me problems for solutions. Bring me solutions for approval.” I agree.