Letters to the Editor


LETTERS: Cleaning up after your pet not that difficult

If you are old enough to have a pet, then be responsible enough to take care of their mess.

LETTERS: Storm Water Authority revisions needed

As a member of the Storm Water Authority I believe the adoption of these revisions would be in the best interests of the ratepayers/taxpayers as well as in the best interests of Gwinnett County from an ongoing maintenance standpoint.

LETTERS: Aurora offers great venue for theater

My wife and I have had season tickets with the Aurora since our first experience there as guests of Emory Morsberger for “Annie Get Your Gun.” We have never been disappointed. Certainly some productions were more appealing than others, but overall, the Aurora continually provides theatre at its best.

LETTERS: More rules won't make for better parenting

It is difficult to watch people neglecting their children, but I don’t see how putting more rules and demands (extrinsic motivation) will cause the parents to be more concerned and caring (intrinsic motivation) for their own children.

LETTERS: County trash plan still rankles

Regarding Peachtree Corners lowering the cost of trash pickup (“Peachtree Corners residents’ trash cost gong down,” Aug. 11, 3C), it is truly amazing that most of Gwinnett households pay mandatory pricing of $18.88 per month for an assigned hauler (billed in advance via annual property tax bill), while a small community within our county can offer weekly pickup with more features at $11.50 per month.

LETTERS: GCPS should use different company for school bus cameras

I personally support these cameras because it makes our kids safer at school bus pick up and drop-off zones . But one thing we can all agree on is that we should not be doing business with vendors with suspect track records.

LETTERS: G-Braves game a nice fan experience

One of my grandsons stayed with us Saturday and Sunday. Since he recently turned 11 and is a baseball fan, my wife and I decided to take him the Gwinnett Braves game on Saturday.

LETTERS: Tired of dealing with Mexico's problems

So far as I am concerned, Mexico can cry me a deep river. I am tired of taking in Mexico’s problems thus allowing Mexico to avoid having to address their deep internal social and economic problems. As for you employers who lust for cheap labor at the cost of us American tax-payers, please don’t call your self patriotic Americans.

LETTERS: Kids these days are too pampered

Nate McCullough’s column (“Upscale dorm room an oxymoron,” Aug. 9, 8A) about his experiences moving into his dorm at UGA had me laughing out loud to myself. Kids these days are so pampered, mine included.

LETTERS: When it comes to politicians, who can we trust?

We need new leaders in the upcoming elections, both in congress and the White House. The question remains: Who can we trust?’

LETTERS: Tragic story told with compassion

I wanted to thank Tyler Estep for the well-written article about our friend Amadi Stephens (“Teen gets charged in wreck that killed father,” Aug. 8, 1A). The story stated the facts, but the compassion and understanding were evident.

LETTERS: Obama missteps should be remembered at next election

My plea is that the electorate keeps these issues in mind in next years election.

LETTERS: Despite Zimmerman verdict, judicial system still a pillar

We may disagree with one or more of the decisions in the three high profile cases but we have to accept them, as a result of our judicial system. Our judicial system is a pillar of our society without which our society would fall.

LETTERS: No reason to wait on teaching students life skills

The STRAP program is great, but teaching students life skills shouldn’t hinge on them getting in trouble first.

LETTERS: Leave your dog at home; avoid leaving Fido in a hot car

A cool walk in the morning is the alternative to taking your dog with you and leaving it in a hot car.