Letters to the Editor


LETTERS: Learn about the FairTax for yourself

The lack of knowledge about the FairTax is why we should all read and research info and decide for ourselves rather than accept our favorite politician’s opinion on important matters. If you can’t afford the Fair Tax book, visit the library.

LETTERS: Detractors need to know facts about FairTax

What letter writer Vinson Hall fails to point out that there is a rebate on taxes for basic items such as food, clothing, etc., those below a certain income level will still pay no net taxes. He also overstates the amount of the tax, which is going to be closer to 23 percent. This tax is designed to be revenue neutral.

LETTERS: Wishing Rich good luck in new role as Superior Court judge

Rich will be well-served in this new position by his 22 years in the legal profession and justice system, which includes more than two terms on the State Court bench. His acceptance of this new responsibility demonstrates his continued commitment to serving the public and the court system, which in turn helps fulfill the constitutional promise of justice.

LETTERS: FairTax is a win-win for everyone

The multi-million dollar (all private money) study that led to the FairTax indicated that expenses to business would decrease about the same amount as the Fair Tax (23 percent). Market forces would mean that prices would slide downwards by a similar number.

LETTERS: Cartoon’s depiction of Paula Deen unfair

By including her in the “tips of the iceberg” of Racism in America, the political cartoon in the May 1 edition of the Daily Post did an incredible injustice to Paul Deen.

LETTERS: Remarks by Clippers owner were wrong, but so was how they were obtained

Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA Clippers basketball team, is a bigot and deserves little sympathy but we should all be afraid of the tactics being used in the attempt to destroy him.

LETTER: Snellville couple deserves support in pursuit of gay marriage rights

I have been in a committed relationship for 21 years. Because my partner and I are heterosexual, our marriage gives us valuable rights and privileges that we have come to take for granted.

Lilburn greenway nice, but not at expense of grant money

I am all for the Camp Creek Greenway, if and only if though, the people of Gwinnett County and Lilburn specifically are willing to pay for it our of their own pockets and not get grant money from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

LETTERS: Highlighting the loving nature of Lent

It was so refreshing to read about Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent on the front page of Thursday’s Gwinnett Daily Post. As Christians, our hope is in eternal life in heaven through the death and resurrection of Jesus, God’s only Son.

LETTERS: Horse feathers to Obama being good at taking blame

In response to the letter from Mike Bence praising President Obama for his ability to stand up to the plate and take responsibility for his actions like Governor Christie did, I say: horse feathers.

LETTERS: Traffic needs to be considered before mix-used project complete

What plans are in the works to provide for the hundreds more vehicles that will be added to the already busy access to the Mall of Georgia and to destinations past the mall?

LETTERS: Letter off the mark on criticism of Obama

I am writing in response to Gene Wade’s letter to the editor in which he starts out defending Governor Chris Christie, and then proceeds directly to Obama bashing. He touts the “ethical” attributes of Christie, who threw his top aids under the buss, then took responsibility for the bridge closing, as if he knew nothing of it at the time.

LETTERS: At least Christie takes responsibility

Gov. Christie has taken full responsibility for the misdeeds of his appointees and has fired them. President Obama, by comparison, constantly leads from behind, which means that others takes the blame,

LETTERS: Why can't they all get along in Snellville?

Now it seems that the city of Snellville leaders are in constant conflict among themselves. I hope that the mayor and city council will cease their petty rivalries and start doing the job they were elected to do for the citizens.

LETTERS: CFI, like DDI, good for traffic flow

I do not know whether or not the CFI proposed at Jimmy Carter Blvd./Buford Highway will make the cut on the 2013 SPLOST intersections improvement project list or not as there would be federal, state, county, and CID monies involved. However, the CFI, like a DDI, is a less expensive way to facilitate the safe flow of traffic through what was once a dangerous intersection and as such, is worth informing the public about.