Letters to the Editor


LETTERS: At least Christie takes responsibility

Gov. Christie has taken full responsibility for the misdeeds of his appointees and has fired them. President Obama, by comparison, constantly leads from behind, which means that others takes the blame,

LETTERS: Why can't they all get along in Snellville?

Now it seems that the city of Snellville leaders are in constant conflict among themselves. I hope that the mayor and city council will cease their petty rivalries and start doing the job they were elected to do for the citizens.

LETTERS: CFI, like DDI, good for traffic flow

I do not know whether or not the CFI proposed at Jimmy Carter Blvd./Buford Highway will make the cut on the 2013 SPLOST intersections improvement project list or not as there would be federal, state, county, and CID monies involved. However, the CFI, like a DDI, is a less expensive way to facilitate the safe flow of traffic through what was once a dangerous intersection and as such, is worth informing the public about.

LETTERS: Thoughts heading into a new year

Finally, please vote. Much of our future depends on who is runninng our government.

LETTERS: U.S. is not mediocre

It is rare that your Perspective Page can raise my interest enough to comment on two items on the same day but your Dec. 6 page accomplished this.

LETTERS: Consumers hold the key to commercialization of holidays

If no one shops on Thanksgiving, no store would open. If no one reacts to Christmas commercials at Halloween, they will stop. All this complaining is another example of abdicating our personal responsibility. We, the consumers, drive how much or how little our holidays are commercialized.

LETTERS: Commercialism ruining the holidays

Ms. Parker has reminded us that we are becoming a society that is obssesed with owning things rather than cherishing the more important things in life such as love of our families, kindness for the less fortunate, companionship with our friends, gratitude for good health, and living in our free country.

LETTERS: Wrong moves being made in deal with Iran

The current sanctions against Iran were very difficult to implement to begin with thanks to foot-dragging by Russia, China and others and to think the sanctions can be re-implemented after six months, is a fool’s errand. Obama and Kerry haven’t a clue and they have ensured that Iran will soon have nukes.

LETTERS: Tom Martin deserving of kudos

I have witnessed Tom multiply that kind of service to others for the last 38 years. Gwinnett is a better community because of Tom Martin.

LETTERS: Obamacare problems continue to mount

Anything that I pay for, and does not work, costs plenty. I am about “paid out.” Now I am to be penalized because my personal health insurance will either be cancelled or cost prohibitive?

LETTERS: Kudos to Publix for closing on Thanksgiving

Kudos to Publix supermarkets on their decision to close their stores on Thanksgiving in order to allow their employees to spend and enjoy time with their families.

LETTERS: Climate change must be addressed

Extreme weather conditions and changing temperatures are not only impacting the environment but are costing taxpayers money. Super storm Sandy, wildfires on the west coast and a drought in the Midwest cost U.S. taxpayers more than $100 billion last year. Yet government officials continue to deny the existence of climate change.

LETTERS: Thanks to Grace Snell Middle School for a moving tribute

I would like to share the experience I had last week at Grace Snell Middle School on Veterans Day. I served in the Army Nurse Corps what feels like a very long time ago. My daughter’s seventh grade class presented a program in honor of the day, and the kids invited the vets they knew.

LETTERS: Stadiums don't make champions

Stadiums have been built, torn down, and rebuilt for all these sports with nothing to show for it but spent money. Once again football and baseball are about to do another round of changing stadiums for whatever reason. It seems to me that the lack of championships are not going to be solved by buildings or locations, but by the teams that play in them.

LETTERS: Recognizing Vietnam vets highlight of Veterans Day service

I sat in the audience on Monday, looking at the Vietnam vets standing in front of me. Tears ran down my face because I remembered how these soldiers were treated when they came home from the war, and I remembered wo dear friends who did not come home.