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CLINE: Amanda Riley’s memory unites Snellville

This month there’s been a unifying factor in the city, one that has connected community members no matter what their politics or whether they are Comet or Bronco. The memory of Amanda Riley a has brought out the best in the Snellville community.

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CLINE: Who is your Jim Markham?

We all have bosses, someone to tell you when and where and what to do, but not everyone is blessed with working for a true leader. So who is your Jim Markham?

CLINE: A fond farewell to ‘Gwinnett Prep Rally’

In its hey day, it wasn’t uncommon for players to have viewing parties to watch “Gwinnett Prep Rally” — gathering to eat a meal together and see what we had to say about their team. It was a fun thing to be a part of, and it seems strange that for the first time in 22 seasons the show is not on the air this fall.

CLINE: An order of Trump, transportation and the NFL, hold the fries

I’d like to go an entire day without hearing about Donald Trump. Or seeing a cartoon of his hair, or a picture of his hat.

CLINE: The new American pastime

Americans like to eat. But what we really enjoy is eating in places not normally reserved for dining. Which explains the popularity of picnics, tailgating and food trucks.

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CLINE: In Gwinnett, Judy Waters has been there, done that

In Gwinnett, Judy Waters has been there, done that. And in some cases, picked out the color scheme to boot.

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CLINE: Twenty years and counting

When I came to the Gwinnett Daily Post in 1995, my biggest question was if I’d ever have the chance to write a column for the paper.

CLINE: Button Down Dash event a win-win for community and nonprofit

On Saturday, you can keep up that hectic lifestyle and help a good cause as well as get your exercise in. The Gwinnett Chamber is hosting its annual Button Down Dash, a 5K and 10K run set up to promote wellness.

CLINE: Extended hours mean Gwinnett shelter in need of volunteers

This week marks a change at the SaltLight Center, the Lawrenceville-based emergency shelter for women and children. The change is in the hours, with the center staying open into the afternoon instead of asking those who stayed overnight to leave first thing in the morning.

CLINE: A sneaker story with a happy ending

You’ve heard plenty of stories about sneakers. Most don’t have a happy ending. Here’s one that does.

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CLINE: The genius of stopping before you ever start

We’ve passed Father’s Day, but some days bring back more memories than others despite what the calendar says. For some reason, mowing the yard always brings back memories of my dad.

CLINE: A throwback role: the humble hero

These days there are a lot of folks drawing attention to themselves, making humble heroes like Deputy Kyle McMinn stand out even more.

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CLINE: Simple gesture makes major impact for more than 50 years

There is no shortage of charity work an octogenarian can do that would avoid any and all contact with prison inmantes, but Jean Brownlee was steadfast in her work at the prison, which included conducting Bible studies and helping inmates learn to read.

CLINE: Feeding the guest in my garden

What I like about these months is the fresh food that comes from trips to the farmers market and from our own garden as well.

CLINE: A story worthy of dessert status

I’m not sure how you read a magazine, but I approach it like eating a meal.