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CLINE: Local NFL players set example, give back

Here in Gwinnett we don’t have to look outside the county to find NFL do-gooders who embody the Thanksgiving spirit.

CLINE: From pigskin to the pulpit, preaching perseverance

We all have bad days. Rich folks, successful people, movie stars. There’s not one of us who go through life on a never-ending happy streak, except maybe Tim Tebow. And even he had to play for the New York Jets.

CLINE: Time flies when you’re getting old

That’s not to say growing up is all bad. If nothing else, adulthood gives you perspective you didn’t have as a young roller of eyes. Though you rue the quick passing of the year, you also have a deep appreciation for things that happened (and people who made them happen) in those preceding months.

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CLINE: Suwanee man marks 25 years with Young Life

Twenty-five years is a long time to do anything, but having a passion for your vocation makes that longevity possible. So it makes sense that Chuck Scott calls his work with Young Life a calling more than a profession.

CLINE: Volunteer spirit alive in Gwinnett

Those volunteering at an early age will likely continue as they grow older, inspiring friends and family along the way. For many people, the stumbling block to volunteering is knowing what to do or where to start.

CLINE: Key to your health is to not take your job sitting down

A recent study released by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found people who sat less were healthier even if they didn’t exercise a lot more. The conclusion was that the mere act of standing was an improvement over sitting.

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CLINE: Lawrenceville continues to forge link with Georgia Gwinnett College

It was not a coincidence that the grand opening of the Lawrenceville Lawn this past Saturday included a contingent of 50 or so green-clad Georgia Gwinnett College students. Both the venue and the college are vitally important to the city, which stands to benefit from the growth of the local college as well as the emergence of a central gathering place.

CLINE: Central High looking for community partners with move to Academy concept

Central Gwinnett High School is one of five schools — along with Lanier, Shiloh, South Gwinnett and Meadowcreek — in the county to adopt the College and Career Academy concept.

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CLINE: That's the ticket; stubs provide look at past concerts (and costs)

As major acts go, the $71.50 ticket price for the Garth Brooks World Tour is a bargain. With that in mind, I wondered how much it cost the previous time I saw the country music star.

CLINE: Sometimes there’s nothing better than a change of scenery

I’m not for certain that the grass is always greener elsewhere (Arizona comes to mind), but after several recent travels I have determinded that it is, at the very least, different. And sometimes that is more important than actually being better.

CLINE: A big difference between driving and commuting

Living in the metro area can greatly affect your feeling about driving, largely because the name of the act is so misleading. Sitting, idling and creeping are more accurate, leading us to judge trips by how long they take instead of how many miles they are.

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CLINE: Thurman lives a very 'fair' life

Dale Thurman, who has been in charge of the fair for the past 19 years, lives in a house at the back of the fairgrounds, making for a short commute to the office. Though he says “I’m always at work,” the 70-year-old says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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CLINE: Remembering the woman who looked just like my mom

It’s interesting, to say the least, when your mom is an identical twin. It ends up being a unique situation not only for her and her sister but for their families as well.

CLINE: ALS challenge breaks the ice on raising awareness

Have you dumped a bucket of icewater over your head yet? Chances are you either have or you’ve seen a friend, relative, co-worker or celebrity do so through a video posted on social media. The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS is a campaign to raise awarness and funds for the disease, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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CLINE: Giant tomato plant casts shadow over my own garden

Our Top 10 online stories this week supported what a lot of us already know — people enjoy reading about big fish and big garden plants. We covered those bases with a record-setting brown trout and a tomato plant that has its eyes on the Guinness Book of World Records.