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Man found dead at Duluth apartment complex April 19, 2014

Todd Cline


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CLINE: National Library Week brings back memories of reading past

A library can be a place of escape for anyone, allowing readers to travel to places and see things they never dreamed they’d experience. While I believe that to be true of libraries anywhere, it may be even more true for those who grow up in a rural area or small town like I did.

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CLINE: A volunteer job with lots of baggage

As chairwoman of the caddie committee, Julie Coupland’s job is to make a home at TPC Sugarloaf for the men (and women) who carry those bags on the Champions Tour. The tour comes to the county for the second time next week for the Greater Gwinnett Championship, which will play rounds Friday through Sunday.

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CLINE: Passion the name of the game for Family Promise director

Family Promise needs help from local churches. Currently there are 30 host churches and five more called support churches. There are 15 weeks that are open, which means the need for more church participation still exists.

CLINE: Remembering when the games were on the line but not online

Believe it or not, there was once a time when you could watch the NCAA basketball tournament without any gadgets.

CLINE: A note of thanks to all those who volunteer

Volunteers don’t expect a check. The definition of the word is pretty straight forward when it comes to that. But that doesn’t mean they don’t receive payment.

CLINE: A nice addition to the neighborhood landscape

You can learn a lot by walking your neighborhood. And a recent discovery was a very nice surprise.

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CLINE: The joke's on them

We took our lumps from the national media with our most recent winter storms that derailed traffic and about everything else, keeping kids from school and most folks inside. But the advantage to living in the South is that weather lasted for days, not months.

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CLINE: Snellville's Young has a volunteer's spirit

Wanda Young, 78, is a fixture in the Snellville area. She volunteers for Eastside Medical Center’s Health to You program and is a mainstay at the Snellville Senior Center, helping man the front desk and organizing the monthly bingo game.

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CLINE: The importance of saying ‘thanks’

In that spirit of thankfulness, the City of Duluth has declared next week Public Works and Police Appreciation Week. It’s a chance to let the residents of Duluth thank the people who kept their city safe during the storm, a process that was emulated around the county last week.

The new venacular of the modern Olympics

I assume we’ve all done it, dreamed of winning Olympic gold. Whether you were an athlete or not, there’s something about the thought of representing your country atop the medal stand that is quite appealing, and never more so than during an Olympic year when the events are aired in prime time and Olympic champs are seen everywhere from morning show sets to cereal boxes.

CLINE: Gwinnett spellers epitomize the definition of poise

I served as a judge at the Gwinnett County Spelling Bee for the seventh time Saturday at Central Gwinnett High School. Though I’m somewhat a veteran of the event at this point, the kids who compete in it still amaze me.

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CLINE: The cold business of heartiness hierarchy

When it comes to weather, the pecking order of heartiness is interesting. It seems everyone thinks everyone else is a wimp.

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CLINE: Meeting your heroes

I was struck by the sense of awe one young lady and his mother had at the chance to meet the grand marshall of the Lawrenceville MLK march — former Olympic golf medalist Tommie Smith.

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CLINE: Good Samaritan Health Center to present five-year plan

To accomplish its fundraising goals, the Good Samaritan Health Center, which services the poor and uninsured, needs to increase the donations it needs to run. To that end, a plan will be presented to the public next Wednesday, Jan. 22, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Sonesta Hotel (formerly the Marriott) in Duluth.

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CLINE: The lack of commercial appeal

These days live TV is my main, and usually only, impetus to sit through commericials. In the age of streaming and DVRing, there’s no need to spend a minute (or even 30 seconds) away from your show of choice. In fact, I barely know what days the shows I watch actually air; they are just collected and watched when the schedule permits, commericials relegated to fast forward.