Nate McCullough


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MCCULLOUGH: I'm headed for new horizons

Bidding a fond farewell

MCCULLOUGH: We're all going to miss The Deputy

We’re all going to miss The Deputy

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MCCULLOUGH: Petraeus’ breach of security deserves harsher punishment

Petraeus’ breach of security deserves harsher punishment

MCCULLOUGH: I could find some good uses for a drone

I wouldn’t mind having my own drone. It would have to have some sort of claw-grabber device, preferably one capable of toting an icy-cold beer bottle or remote control that was left on the other side of the room. It could take the place of the trained monkey I once pondered buying.

MCCULLOUGH: Talking with The Tall Man

An encounter with a childhood monster turns into a pleasant conversation

MCCULLOUGH: Overrun by useless gadgets

The more we move into the future, the more gadgets we come up with that seem unnecessary.

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MCCULLOUGH: 'American Sniper' shows psychological effects of war

“American Sniper” does a good job of showing the consequences of answering that question, and of proving that even the most decorated of heroes, the most ultimate of warriors are not immune to the psychological onslaught of the horrors of war, that even the most hardened of killers never get used to it. “American Sniper” shows psychological effects of war

MCCULLOUGH: Clothes make the man — and everyone else suspicious

New duds cause questions in the newsroom

MCCULLOUGH: Learning perspective from a little girl’s struggle

Lizzy Delorier’s fight against a brain tumor puts life in perspective

MCCULLOUGH: My list of useless lists

Click-bait on websites rarely pays off

MCCULLOUGH: Embracing the Age of the Nerd

Children of the 1970s and 1980s are now in position to make once-nerdy things cool.

MCCULLOUGH: More freedoms go up in smoke

Rural America, average Joe pays price for EPA’s wood-burning stove regulations

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MCCULLOUGH: Buffalo needs a little help from Mother Nature

Ralph Wilson Stadium is under an estimated 220,000 tons of snow, with drifts approaching the bottom of the goalposts. Six feet of snow has fallen on the city

MCCULLOUGH: NASA needs a reality show

NASA could use reality stars to fund its missions

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MCCULLOUGH: Too soon for Christmas

I guess the Christmas creep forward into early November was inevitable. But do we really need to egg this on with pre-Halloween Christmas lights and decoration sales the day after Labor Day?