Nate McCullough


MCCULLOUGH: Some Internet quizzes leave me with questions

Some Internet quizzes leave me with questions.

MCCULLOUGH: Ninety-one good years for Granny

Earth was blessed to have Granny for 91 years.

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Earthquake in South Carolina felt in Gwinnett

An earthquake struck late Valentine’s Day, spooking some residents in the Gwinnett County area.

MCCULLOUGH: The great Atlanta snowjob

The snow was fake, so says the Internet idiots

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MCCULLOUGH: Wishing 'The Worm' would go away

I’d prefer not to see Dennis Rodman on my television screen anymore.

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MCCULLOUGH: I resolve not to resolve

I resolve not to make any New Year’s resolutions

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MCCULLOUGH: Tired of Christmas crazy

Every year I vow to make the next Christmas a better experience, and I fail miserably.

MCCULLOUGH: Movie star misses mark on free speech

Movie star sends wrong message about speech, liberty

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MCCULLOUGH: Weather can’t keep Cousin Courageous from running marathon for St. Jude’s

Weather can’t keep woman from running marathon for St. Jude’s

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MCCULLOUGH: More should be done to force release of Korean War vet

It’s shameful that US leaders aren’t doing more to pressure North Korea to release 85-year-old war veteran.

MCCULLOUGH: On being thankful in tough year

Thankful in a tough year

MCCULLOUGH: Needing some simplicity

Why do so many things have to be so complicated?

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MCCULLOUGH: Farther down the shopping road

And that’s the answer, I guess, to my question about consumerism. Christmas is the only day that’s sacred anymore, and its exemption is slowly being eroded. A few restaurants here, a few gas stations there. The movie theaters. How long before someone tries a super-duper-Christmas-Day-blowout sale? And if it makes even a little money, the rest will follow suit.

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MCCULLOUGH: Give a little bit of Halloween back to the kids

As much as I enjoy celebrating Halloween as an adult — and it is most definitely an adult holiday now — it’s the Halloween of my childhood I found myself missing this October.

MCCULLOUGH: As America squabbles over health care, Nigerian group is getting things done

Donnie Ikpa is the president of the Atlanta chapter of Udi-Ezeagu, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide free health care in two counties in his native Nigeria. He is also the chairman of the national fundraising committee.