J.K Murphy


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MURPHY: No need to save daylight during its plentiful time

I'm looking out my office window. It's dark out. Not just dark, but pitch-black dark. The kind of dark that swallows oak trees and makes buildings disappear and reduces motor vehicles to a pair of white dots coming and red lights going. Let's be clear: It's dark -- and it's only 6:15 p.m.Last Sunday, our nation "fell back" in time -- a move to brighter mornings and darker evenings. I don't like it.

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MURPHY: We take lickings, but we keep ticking

For someone who's spent 30 years newspapering, the news about newspapers is more than disconcerting. I wonder how newspaper readers feel about what's happening to a product that's been an intrinsic part of their lives. And I wonder if they wonder about the future of the Daily Post.Some pundits say newspapers are dinosaurs destined for a similar fate. I don't buy it.

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MURPHY: Strong leadership is needed going forward

Gwinnett County commissioners come and go, but not at that quick a pace. In the last 10 years, 10 different names have been inscribed on the nameplates in the commissioners' meeting room. Potentially, if each candidate would have been one term and out, that number could have been 25.

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MURPHY: Curing cancer one brighter smile at a time

Eight years ago, Dr. Bruce Carter wanted to do his part in the fight against cancer. He knew of colleagues who provided dental work and instead of accepting a fee for services rendered from their patients, asked them to make a charitable contribution.The scheme sounded plausible and he went to work. In 2001, he spread the word that he would whiten the teeth of anyone who would donate to the cause. About 150 patients took him up on the offer and the Lawrenceville dentist raised $28,000 - a huge success by any measure.