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MURPHY: When their paper is missed, subscribers miss their paper

When they are out on the street, readers don’t hesitate to give them an earful … because when their paper delivery is missed, they miss their paper. That’s what community newspapering is all about.

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MURPHY: New website adding online opportunities for Daily Post

New website adds opportunities for Daily Post.

MURPHY: There's help if you want to buy American

Vote With Your Wallet, the local group espousing a "buy-American-to-save America" philosophy, is ready to challenge the nation.

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MURPHY: We need facts before airport decision

Last week, the county commissioners voted 3-2 to keep alive the possibility of regularly scheduled commercial flights in and out of the local airport.

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MURPHY: Daily Deal adds value to the Post

Couponing has been a newspaper staple for generations. I remember my mother sitting at the dining room table, snipping coupons from the Indianapolis Star and then stuffing them into categorized envelopes. I also remember her sifting through those envelopes in the aisle of the grocer as she looked for the best deal on paper towels or pork and beans. Thirty-five cents here, a quarter there -- it added up.

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MURPHY: Journalism requires pursuit of objectivity

All right, let's be honest. Back in the '80s, how many of you turned the channel from "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson to tune in Ted Koppel on "Nightline?" It was a tough time slot for a serious-minded news program, but Koppel and "Nightline" offered an alternative attractive enough to remain on the air for 25 years. ("Nightline" still is on the air; Koppel left the show in 2005.)

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MURPHY: Who wants to be Gwinnett's next commission chairman?

It's too early to make a short list for the March 15 special election that will fill the void left by Charles Bannister's resignation as the Gwinnett County Commission chairman. Still, folks are talking about who can lead Gwinnett out of its malaise.

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MURPHY: Spin drowns out facts of airport expansion

Expansion of Briscoe Field to accommodate larger, commercial aircraft has mobilized those living in and around Lawrenceville. Reaction has been swift to the county's examination of the opportunity to privatize the general aviation airport and allow it to add runway length in order to serve commercial aircraft.

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MURPHY: Try planes near airport before we buy expansion

The anti-airport activists are gaining altitude."No Airport Expansion" signs are proliferating. The city of Dacula joined Lawrenceville in passing an anti-expansion resolution. You can't find a candidate for public office who's for it.

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MURPHY: Runoff system too costly in a time of tight money

Tuesday's election has me thinking. With government scratching for every dime in these austere times, the state of Georgia could find a bonanza in switching its election process.

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MURPHY: We all must show ID to get what we want

When I go to a hotel or board a plane or see my doctor, I show identification. When I make a credit card purchase, I'm often asked to prove who I am. In a foreign country, I'd expect to yield proof that I'm in that country legally. The waitress at Taco Mac (God bless her soul) asks to see my driver's license before she pours me a beer (may be trolling for tips ... but it works).

MURPHY: Tennis center gets shot to show what it's worth

It was 1996 when Andre Agassi won gold at center court of the Stone Mountain Tennis Center. A lot has changed at the Olympic venue since.It's odd that the multimillion-dollar facility that welcomed the world a mere 14 years ago now has people wondering if it is worth saving.

MURPHY: Don't change school funding

The Georgia General Assembly session is now two weeks old and guess what issue is garnering the most headlines: Education.

MURPHY: It's time to stand up and be counted

Finish the sentence with a correct statement:One out of every 385 U.S. residents ...a) believes in UFOs.b) would go broke under the proposed health care reform proposal.c) is upset over the cancellation of the 10 p.m. Jay Leno show.d) lives in Gwinnett County

MURPHY: This '09 big news list omits Jon and Kate

By now you've been deluged with end-of-2009 lists. From news to movies to books to celebrities to scandals, we like to put a Top 10 tag on just about anything.