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YARBROUGH: Sen. Tippins working to improve Common Core standards

Sen. Lindsey Tippins is a voice in the wilderness surrounded by zealots who can’t wait for the elections to be over so they can get back to hosing public education, but with four school teachers in my family I am glad he is minding the store. School teachers should be, too.

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YARBROUGH: Legislature takes aim at passing 'guns for God'

American humorist Will Rogers once said, “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” Ol’ Will would have loved the Georgia Legislature. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

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YARBROUGH: Who wants to live longer without banana pudding?

Scientists also believe there is a correlation between being happy and living a long life. I’ve got a chance here. I am never happier than when I am tweaking the humor-impaired among us and reading their blustery emails.

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YARBROUGH: Loss of old friend reminder of misplaced priorities

I think it’s important to take a moment of personal privilege and remind you how transitory life is and to never lose track of old friends because you are too self-absorbed in your own little world. Sad to say, but I did exactly that to an old friend who deserved better from me.

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YARBROUGH: An open letter to my grandson

When you showed up at my door at Christmas with a plate of cookies you had baked for me after having viewed a grocery commercial that featured a little girl making cookies for her grandfather, you gave me the greatest gift I have received since you first arrived on the planet.

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YARBROUGH: How to monitor who is spending what on our legislators

Don’t forget: You are the ultimate judge of what constitutes ethical behavior under the Gold Dome. That is the way it should be.

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YARBROUGH: A look forward to the new year

Good grief. I just took a peek at next week’s calendar. It says 2014. That can’t be correct. I’m still waiting for Y2K and for all our computers to crash. I must have overslept.

YARBROUGH: There is much to believe in at Christmas

I believe we should do all in our power to preserve the true meaning of Christmas. The season seems to be always under attack for reasons I don’t totally understand and those of us who do celebrate the day seem to forget too quickly what Christmas is really about.

YARBROUGH: Like Mandela, Andrew Young’s journey is one of forgiveness

For all that he has accomplished in his illustrious life perhaps his greatest legacy is that he holds no grudges. The man just doesn’t know how to hate — and I love him for that.

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YARBROUGH: UGA needs your support academically as well as athletically

One of the lingering misconceptions is that state tax dollars fund higher education in Georgia. Not so. Less than 40 percent of the University of Georgia’s operating budget is provided by state appropriations. Tuition and fees provide another 14 percent of the budget. The rest must come from alumni and foundations.

YARBROUGH: Tweaking the humor impaired is dangerous work

“Oh, yeah. I do recall now that I got a lot of mail from readers defending Detroit. What I don’t understand is that most of the letters came from people who now live in Georgia. If Detroit is so great, why don’t they still live there?”

YARBROUGH: Random thoughts

It won’t be long before the Georgia General Assembly gathers once again in Atlanta. I love twitting our intrepid public servants — especially the self-important among them — but they are by-and-large good people trying to do good things. I worry, however, that they still don’t understand our concern about their cozy relationship with lizard-loafered lobbyists.

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YARBROUGH: A warm welcome to UGA's new president

The good news for Jere Morehead is that he is now president. The better news is that he won’t have to worry about me giving you a bunch of unsolicited advice in this column. I tried that with his predecessor and it went over like a lead balloon

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YARBROUGH: A chance to make yourself at home on Mars

I have no interest in looking for Martians or spending the rest of my days with a bunch of wackos. There are enough space cadets right here on earth, thank you, and I don’t have to pay $38 to tell you about them.

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YARBROUGH: A satirical look back at the shutdown

Opinion Column

I asked Junior how the reputation of members of Congress fared in the shutdown. He said the good news was that Americans didn’t rate them any lower after the shutdown than before. The bad news is that they weren’t rated all that highly to begin with.