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YARBROUGH: Macon legislator on mission ot legalize medical marijuana in Georgia

Allen Peake is back again with H.B. 1. He has the support of Gov. Nathan Deal (albeit with a few conditions) and House Speaker David Ralston.

YARBROUGH: To Cameron Charles Yarbrough: Advice from an old man

For the past 15 years, I have taken the opportunity at the beginning of the New Year to share some advice — first with your dad and his cousins and now with you, my great-grandson. I hope you don’t mind and will bear with me.

YARBROUGH: Potato Bowl already looking like high mark for 2015

I had just returned from the local toxic waste site where I had disposed of my holiday fruit cakes and was busy cramming my Christmas tree down the garbage disposal (don’t ask), when I heard a knock at the door. I figured it was the Environmental Protection Agency coming to talk to me about polluting the toxic waste site with fruit cakes.

YARBROUGH: Friendships are truly the gift that keeps on giving

Maybe it’s the fact that I have more days in the rearview mirror than I have ahead of me, but at this special time of year I am more aware than ever of the gift of friendships.

YARBROUGH: Carl Sanders: A great man who did great things for Georgia

I loved his stories about the characters that dotted Georgia’s political landscape in his day, except he would always end with the same admonition, “Of course, you can’t print that.”

YARBROUGH: Junior E. Lee analyzes elections, predicts next president

Junior said that in his opinion the most positive thing that Georgia’s Democrats can take from the elections is they only have two more years to endure Barack Obama, who makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington.

YARBROUGH: This is one terrorst who deserves our thanks

Frank Gleason is an elfin man in his 90s with a perpetual twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face; a man who laughs as hard at his own jokes as does his audience and who scolds me for what he sees as my misguided political views.

YARBROUGH: Junior E. Lee is bullish on his post-election analysis

Junior E. Lee wanted to know if you would mind greatly if he waited a week or two before giving you his take on the Georgia elections. He said everybody and his brother are going to be analyzing the bejiggers out of the election and telling us why we voted like we did even though we know why we voted like we did.

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DICK YARBROUGH: Governor candidate Jason Carter shares his views on education

OPINION: State Sen. Jason Carter talks about his plans as governor

I have asked the two major gubernatorial candidates to talk to Georgia public school teachers about their respective education platforms. This week the floor belongs to Jason Carter, the Democratic challenger. Next week, it will be Republican Gov. Nathan Deal’s turn.

YARBROUGH: Dooley's players need to ensure stadium will carry coach's legacy

Last Saturday while the Bulldog nation sweated out a 35-32 victory over the Tennessee Volunteers that should not have been as hard as our scholar-athletes made it, former head football coach and athletic director Vince Dooley’s first team at UGA was recognized on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. As nice as that was, more — much more — needs to be done to honor the legendary Hall of Fame coach.

YARBROUGH: Thinning out the alternatives for Jekyll Island deer

This week, I was contacted by a group of deer on Jekyll Island seeking my counsel. They are in a tizzy. It seems that members of the Jekyll Island Authority have decided that there are too many of them — deer, not members of the Jekyll Island Authority — on the island and that the herd needs to be thinned out.

YARBROUGH: Gosh dang, what’s wrong with a Southern accent?

I just learned of a book called, “Say Goodbye to your Southern Accent.” Gosh dang. What is wrong with a Southern accent?

YARBROUGH: A reminder of why teaching is such a noble profession

It is new school year but, alas, the same old impediments: An out-of-touch federal bureaucracy; ideological state legislators who choose not to send their kids to public schools but intend to tell you how and what to teach, and a society that values reality television more than quality education. Sometimes I wonder how you manage.

YARBROUGH: The job of waxing poetic can be quite frenetic

I would have made a great poet laureate. But, alas, the good folks at the Library of Congress didn’t seem to think so and it is their vote that counts. I think they were swayed by the fact that Dr. Wright, a retired professor at the University of Virginia, has won a Pulitzer Prize and a bunch of other awards for his poetry.

YARBROUGH: Junior E. Lee knows polls and pests

With the July 22 runoff elections fast approaching, I called Junior E. Lee, general manager of the Yarbrough Worldwide Media and Pest Control Company, located in Greater Garfield, Ga., to get his thoughts on the various races and to see who he thinks will make it to the finals of the November general election and who will be eliminated this round.