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HUCKABY: Wake me up when the baseball playoffs are over

I hate to have to admit this, but I cannot watch playoff baseball anymore. Not a whole game. I just can’t. I hate to admit this — and this is coming from a person’s whose oldest sports memory is of Yogi Berra jumping astride Don Larson after the last strike in the only perfect game in World Series history — but I find the games terribly tedious and terribly boring.

HUCKABY: TV’s iconic phrases live on in daily life

OK. I haven’t given anyone a quiz in a long time. What do “Just the facts, ma’am,” “Sorry about that, Chief,” and “What you talking ‘bout, Willis?” have in common?

HUCKABY: Williams will live on in amazing array of characters

When I first saw the news about Robin Williams being found dead, it didn’t really affect me too much.

HUCKABY: Getting through the dog days of summer

In case y’all were wondering, it is dog days again. I just went for a two-mile walk — at 9:30 in the morning — and lost a bout four pounds of water weight from perspiring. I used to sweat, back before I got so sophisticated.

HUCKABY: Waiting for my grandson is like deja vu

It’s dega vu all over again! That’s how Yogi put it and Yogi is a smart man, despite the fact that he has become a cult hero of sorts for the way he expresses himself in regards to the English language.

HUCKABY: Want to read an encyclopedia? There’s an app for that

The Internet has made encyclopedias obsolete and there may come a day when it does the same to recorded music, magazines and newspapers.

HUCKABY: Time to say a heartfelt ‘thanks’ for all the dreams that have come true

I never dreamed that the day would actually come when someone asked me, “What do you do for a living?” and I could answer, “Travel the world.”

HUCKABY: Watermelon cutting was once a special occasion

People are always asking me, “What do you miss most when you are on the road?”

HUCKABY: My love of cowboys and all things western

In a former life, when I was a history teacher, I used to play a word association game with my students when we studied the closing of the American frontier. They weren’t as well versed in all things western as I was at their tender ages, but they came up with some pretty impressive lists. Of course, I taught some pretty impressive kids.

HUCKABY: Native Americans face much bigger issues than the name of a football team

When Christopher Columbus arrived in what would come to be known as the Americas in 1492 — and I don’t really care how many Norsemen may or may not have already been here — there was population of approximately 75 million people living here, including 10 million living in the area that now comprises the United States. Columbus erroneously called them Indians because he believed he was in the East Indies.

HUCKABY: Father’s Day a time to think of the man who shaped me

So it’s Father’s Day and I know it does not have the same impact that Mother’s Day has on card and flower sending, gift buying and celebrating in general — which s OK. We are just men. We get that. No, really. We do.

HUCKABY: Not my usual crowd, but a good one all the same

I broke my own rule Thursday night and I am glad I did. I accepted a speaking engagement inside the perimeter.

DARRELL HUCKABY: There's no winning the thermostat war

My lovely wife, Lisa, and I are what you might call climatically incompatible.

HUCKABY: Memories of my mother still strong

If you still have your mom this Mother’s Day, please cherish her.

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HUCKABY: Remembering visit to the Holy Land this Easter

I spent the first 22 Easters of my life, as well as I can remember, in Porterdale. I always looked forward to attending Sunrise Service at Julia A. Porter United Methodist Church, even before it was united.