McLEOD: What the big airplane decision reveals about your job

There’s a moment on every airplane when you make a decision.

CLINE: Return of World War II keepsakes proves some stories do end well

I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for some good news. In this line of work, we see plenty of the bad stuff so it’s refreshing when a story comes through that has a happy ending.

MAROSEK: What do you tell your kids about Tom Brady and deflategate?

Tom Brady is obviously loved by many. He is a great football player for the New England Patriots with many adoring fans.

FRIEDLANDER: Gwinnett's state title trio invokes intriguing thoughts of 'Fantasy Baseball'

Column on a hypothetical Gwinnett high school baseball championship tournament

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THOMAS: The O'Malley factor

Martin O’Malley, former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor, announced his presidential candidacy on Saturday, and said some things that could be taken as criticism of President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

REAGAN: Conservative Christians miscount

When the Duggar family’s oldest son admitted he had molested and fondled five little girls — including some of his own sisters — when he was 14, it was time for conservative Christians to hold Josh and the Duggar family accountable for their actions. Most didn’t.

ROBINSON: Regarding the Islamic State, what would Republicans do?

Critics of the way President Obama is dealing with the Islamic State should be required to specify what alternative steps they would take — and how their strategies would make a difference.

SMITH: Remembering D-Day and those who lived it

Today, 71 years ago, General Dwight Douglas Eisenhower was beginning the countdown for the Allied invasion of Normandy. He was spending long hours with his staff as they made plans to leave the shores of England for the coast of France on June 5, 1944.

SOWELL: Gifts for the graduates

Given the narrow range of left to far left views of the world on most college campuses, and the vast ignorance of other views, even among graduates of elite academic institutions, one valuable gift might be a book giving a different perspective on the world.

PARKER: Being Bill Kristol

One can understand why The Weekly Standard’s William Kristol would try to nullify Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy, but smearing all baby boomers in the process seems a stretch of veracity in the service of a blank page.

CEPEDA: How sincere is Clinton’s Latino outreach?

When Hillary Clinton announced Lorella Praeli as her campaign’s head of Latino outreach, the announcement yielded a mixed bag of coverage — “Hillary Clinton Taps Dreamer,” “Clinton campaign hires former Dreamer” and “Hillary Hires Ex-Illegal as Latino Outreach Director.”

SMITH: Stallings just as sentimental about his ranch as trophies collected

At last count, there were 185 residents in this settlement which is 10 miles north of Paris, Texas, and about the same distance south of the Red River which has reached flood stage recently, owing to sodden rains which are complicating things for a populace which is, more often than not, affected by long dry spells.

PARKER: GOP debates in game show format

Politics isn’t really science after all, but is a schoolyard brawl — or a survivor reality game, depending on one’s preference — where human nature calls the shots.

Atherton’s work on Dacula Memorial Day parade comes from the heart

It’s funny how often people who sincerely don’t want kudos are exactly the people most deserving of them. But that doesn’t mean heartfelt efforts shouldn’t be recognized.

THOMAS: Obama’s hot-air commencement address

When it comes to commencement addresses, the Coast Guard Academy graduates deserved better from their command-in-chief.