KRAUTHAMMER: The revenue-neutral gas tax

For 32 years I’ve been advocating a major tax on petroleum. I’ve got as much chance this time around as did Don Quixote with windmills. But I shall tilt my lance once more.

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WOODALL: Can a new Congress produce new results?

I can’t tell you with certainty how much this new Congress will accomplish or if President Obama will agree to work with a bipartisan majority, but I can promise you that this new Congress is committed to problem solving.

YARBROUGH: To Cameron Charles Yarbrough: Advice from an old man

For the past 15 years, I have taken the opportunity at the beginning of the New Year to share some advice — first with your dad and his cousins and now with you, my great-grandson. I hope you don’t mind and will bear with me.

J.C. Penney to close Gwinnett Place Mall store

The J.C. Penney’s store at Duluth’s Gwinnett Place Mall is one of about 40 that will close this year, the company announced on Thursday. The department store company said that most of the stores would close by April 4 and that close to 2,250 jobs would be cut.

ROBINSON: Journalists must stand firm

If freedom of speech is to mean anything, we must avoid self-censorship. And if we are to avoid self-censorship, we must be able to protect and defend the right to make editorial decisions on their merits — which means being prepared to protect the journalists who make those decisions.

SMITH: Remembering Ian Player and the plight of the white rhino

The death of Dr. Ian Player, brother of globe-trotting golfer Gary Player, in late fall made international news because of Ian’s unending efforts to save the white rhino from extinction.

MCCULLOUGH: Learning perspective from a little girl’s struggle

Lizzy Delorier’s fight against a brain tumor puts life in perspective

CEPEDA: Resolutions to live by

January presents an opportunity to engineer a better year than the last, but many people fail in their intentions by making the mistake of subtracting, when adding is more effective.

PARKER: Our bias, ourselves

As we try to ease racial tensions, we might begin by examining our own unconscious biases, which are too easily coaxed to the surface, and apply a more-critical eye to narratives before accepting them as true. We might also send racist agitators back to the soapbox, where the peddlers of outrage have always belonged.

SOWELL: The ‘equality’ racket

But whether as a crusade or a racket, a confused conception of equality is a formula for never-ending strife that can tear a whole society apart — and has already done so in many countries.

THOMAS: Mario Cuomo: The rhetoric and the record

How precious in the sight of progressives was one of their saints, Mario Cuomo, the three-term governor of New York who died last week at age 82. He was a model of progressivism and a gifted rhetorician.

KING: Today’s GOP Congress: donor class vs. middle class Americans

My own conclusion is that on most issues, especially immigration and wages, everyday Americans would be much better served if they simply recognize that the fight isn’t so much between Republicans and Democrats but is actually the ruling, donor class vs. the American middle class.

CLINE: Making good on a resolution marathon

That resolutions to begin the new year are hard to keep is not a new concept, but the thought here is maybe it’s the resolution not the resoluter that is sometimes at fault.

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KRAUTHAMMER: A one-way deal with Cuba

My view is that police-state control of every aspect of Cuban life is so thoroughly perfected that outside influences, whether confrontational or cooperative, only minimally affect the country’s domestic trajectory.

YARBROUGH: Potato Bowl already looking like high mark for 2015

I had just returned from the local toxic waste site where I had disposed of my holiday fruit cakes and was busy cramming my Christmas tree down the garbage disposal (don’t ask), when I heard a knock at the door. I figured it was the Environmental Protection Agency coming to talk to me about polluting the toxic waste site with fruit cakes.