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Nonprofit works to rescue, rehab Great Pyrenees | PHOTOS

Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta is a well-organized, mature organization that annually finds homes for hundreds of the unique and specially bred canines all over the Southeast.

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KRAUTHAMMER: Iran's emerging empire

OPINION: Iran’s march toward conventional domination of the Arab world has been largely overlooked

While Iran’s march toward a nuclear bomb has provoked a major clash between the White House and Congress, Iran’s march toward conventional domination of the Arab world has been largely overlooked. In Washington, that is. The Arabs have noticed. And the pro-American ones, the Gulf Arabs in particular, are deeply worried.

HUCKABY: Some things just don’t make a lick of sense

We live in a funny world. Yes, ha, ha funny, but strange funny, too. There are just so many contradictions in our world — things to me that just don’t make a lick of sense. Take the president of the United States. Please.

SMITH: Doing my best to survive winter

The winter time is not so bad for most of us, but there are always feelings of empathy for those who work outdoors in the cold

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MCCULLOUGH: 'American Sniper' shows psychological effects of war

“American Sniper” does a good job of showing the consequences of answering that question, and of proving that even the most decorated of heroes, the most ultimate of warriors are not immune to the psychological onslaught of the horrors of war, that even the most hardened of killers never get used to it. “American Sniper” shows psychological effects of war

PARKER: When the pope talks, we all listen

Each time Pope Francis speaks, his words are as shiny objects on a desert floor. We scramble to examine them, turning them over, looking for hidden meanings, holding them up to the light in search of codes and encryptions.

CEPEDA: Shouting ‘racist’ isn’t the answer

Those who are intolerant of everything that rubs them the wrong way and resort to the most inflammatory slur modern America has to offer — “racist” — only make matters worse.

SOWELL: Europe paying price for ‘diversity’

Europe is currently in the process of paying the price for years of importing millions of people from a culture hostile to the fundamental values of Western culture. And this is by no means the last of the installments of that price, to be paid in blood and lives, for smug elites’ Utopian self-indulgences in moral preening and gushing with the magic word “diversity.”

THOMAS: President Obama sings the same old song

Leaders should inspire others to follow examples of people who have succeeded in life. Instead, the Democrats’ mantra has been that the poor and middle class can’t succeed without government help.

MAROSEK: What this dog has done for me

Originally against the idea of having a canine family pet, I’m now all in with our new addition.

CLINE: A very Co-operative competition

As competitions go, this was both fun and friendly. Not to mention beneficial. The recent battle between the cities of Grayson and Snellville to see which could raise the most contributions to the Southeast Gwinnett Food Co-op was a great idea and the winner, both participants agreed, was set from the start.

HUCKABY: The public education circus continues

Wow. Education seems to be all over the news in the state of Georgia this week, and I haven’t seen a lot of positive comments. Go figure.

KRAUTHAMMER: Obama: Charlie who?

On Sunday, at the great Paris rally, the whole world was Charlie. By Tuesday, the veneer of solidarity was exposed as tissue thin.

YARBROUGH: Macon legislator on mission ot legalize medical marijuana in Georgia

Allen Peake is back again with H.B. 1. He has the support of Gov. Nathan Deal (albeit with a few conditions) and House Speaker David Ralston.

MCCULLOUGH: Clothes make the man — and everyone else suspicious

New duds cause questions in the newsroom