SOWELL: The honesty gap

There may be some poetic justice in the recent revelation that Hillary Clinton, who has made big noises about a “pay gap” between women and men, paid the women on her Senate staff just 72 percent of what she paid the men. The Obama White House staff likewise has a pay gap between women and men, as of course does the economy as a whole.

MAROSEK: A reminder of how lucky we are

A Sometimes the luck that others seem to have is manufactured from the minute details of their actions which may not be apparent or obvious. But taken the time to evaluate we may see that the luck that comes our way may be from the product of our character and good decisions.

CLINE: Read Across America event sets perfect foundation

As birthday celebrations go, it’s a pretty good one. In honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday, March 2 has become Read Across America Day, where children are encouraged to continue reading and learning. In Gwinnett, the celebration is usually extended for the entire week, and in fact, March is also Read Across Georgia month, which supports child literacy in the state.

KRAUTHAMMER: The fatal flaw in the Iran deal

Consider where we began: six U.N. Security Council resolutions demanding an end to Iranian enrichment. Consider what we are now offering: an interim arrangement ending with a sunset clause that allows the mullahs a robust, industrial-strength, internationally sanctioned nuclear program.

YARBROUGH: If you don’t know much about history, this test is for you

The authors of the test say the AP U.S. History course is an advanced, college-level course — not an introductory U.S. history course — and is not meant to be students’ first exposure to the “fundamental narrative of U.S. history.” I think that is education-speak for saying kids should already know about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Ray Charles.

MCCULLOUGH: I could find some good uses for a drone

I wouldn’t mind having my own drone. It would have to have some sort of claw-grabber device, preferably one capable of toting an icy-cold beer bottle or remote control that was left on the other side of the room. It could take the place of the trained monkey I once pondered buying.

SOWELL: Gulani vs. Obama

SOWELL: Gulani vs. Obama

Against that background of strife and dangers on the world stage, it may seem as if Barack Obama’s feelings, or Rudolph Giuliani’s opinion about those feelings, should not matter so much, especially when it is hard to know with certainty how anyone feels

CEPEDA: The captain of my family’s ship

Every descendant of immigrants eventually goes through a moment of disconnection when the person who initiated their family’s move to this country dies.

PARKER: Twitter as America’s conscience

There are fine lines and shades of gray between funny and offensive. Often, a good joke is both. Oversensitivity, meanwhile, can have a stifling effect not just on humor but on public discourse and free expression.

CLINE: A whole lot of nothing

It was good enough for “Cool Hand Luke” to make into a winning hand, so maybe nothing is good enough to make into a column.

THOMAS: Debate policies, not Obama’s love of country

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, is taking some heat — and winning praise in some quarters — for remarks he made at a private dinner last week at which he questioned President Obama’s love for America.

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BOURBONNAIS: Former reporter reflects on the Kelly Gissendaner case

As Kelly Gissendaner prepares to become just the second woman in state history to be executed by the state, memories of covering her case as a reporter with the Gwinnett Daily Post return.

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KRAUTHAMMER: Abolish the fillibuster

Filibuster abolition is more than a one-shot proposition. It would radically change the next two years. It would give Republicans full control of the Congress and allow swift passage of a GOP agenda.

DARRELL HUCKABY: An old friend with new-found fame

Andy Warhol predicted that in the future, everyone would get his — or her — 15 minutes of fame. Another way of putting it might be that every dog will have his day. My friend, Jesse Kenney, had his two weeks ago at the Georgia-Auburn basketball game.

YARBROUGH: Jekyll Island Authority holds its fire on deer population

If you are a supercilious liberal you-know-what or a sanctimonious Bible thumper, I have some good news for you. I am giving you both the week off. Enjoy it while you can. I will be back.