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CEPEDA: A shock talk on kids and alcohol

Whether we’re dispelling myths for our kids or warning them away from real, if highly unlikely, threats such as the widespread availability of powdered alcohol that could easily be slipped into drinks or onto food, we need to talk with them about alcohol and the dangers of drinking.

CLINE: Greater Gwinnett Championship more than just golf

While the golfers are the focal point of the Greater Gwinnett Championship (hard to have a golf tournament without them), the event also raises money for charity while utilizing a dedicated and talented group of volunteers. This year, charitable proceeds will go to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation,

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THOMAS: The 'new' Hillary Clinton

How ironic that Hillary Clinton is employing Richard Nixon’s “reinvention” tactic. Nixon got away with it for a while, but in the Internet age, a “new” Hillary will quickly be exposed as no different from the “old” Hillary.

HUCKABY: Being prone to procrastination has its problems

I am bad to procrastinate. Always have been. When I was in the eleventh grade I missed a chance to see Pistol Pete Maravich play because I had put off doing a project for Mrs. Meyer’s world history class until the last minute and had to stay home and make a poster about the Middle Ages.

KRAUTHAMMER: The Iran deal: What we’ve given up

Obama imagines that this deal will bring Iran in from the cold, tempering its territorial ambitions and ideological radicalism. But this defies logic.

YARBROUGH: My misfortune to miss Fortune

Fortune Magazine has announced its list of the World’s Greatest Leaders for 2015 and would you believe that I got snubbed again this year?

ROBINSON: Misdemeanor becomes capital offense, again

The fact is that not everyone who is ever stopped by a police officer is going to be happy about the experience. Yet black men run a tragically greater risk than others of having the encounter turn deadly.

SMITH: Honoring a true patriot and Bulldog

Paul Herring, 95 years old and a member of the Greatest Generation, returned to the University of Georgia campus last week to receive a citation from the Terry College of Business and to reminisce about his days on campus.

CEPEDA: Save our boys

I just finished reading “Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men,” written by Dr. Leonard Sax after years of seeing sullen boys in his medical practice fail to thrive.

PARKER: Revenge of the help

The president and his family have had only one haven in Washington where they can escape the constant surveillance of the capital’s pathologically curious population. Now the culture of discretion that kept previous staff members from talking out of school can be pronounced officially dead.

SOWELL: The Iran ‘agreement’ charade

If anyone examines the hard, cold facts about the Obama administration’s actions and inactions in the Middle East from the beginning, it is far more difficult to reconcile those actions and inactions with a belief that Obama was trying to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons than it is to reconcile those facts with his trying to stop Israel from stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

CLINE: Relay a Gwinnett tradition like no other

There are many traditions in Gwinnett County, but today we are a month out from one of the biggest and most successful. Here in Gwinnett we like to tout the many merits of the county, but there’s only one thing that I know of that can bill itself as best in the world.

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THOMAS: The Iran framework: Devilish details to follow

Delaying an inevitable military confrontation, rather than early intervention, allows the enemy to grow stronger with more loss of life and property when war comes. That is history’s lesson.

MAROSEK: What the American flag means to me

It is from the motto of E Pluribus Unum, “out of many, one” that America was founded, which makes it such a culturally rich country to live in, but also yields an on-going challenge -respecting diversity while maintain unity.

HUCKABY: On Easter ham, baseball, spring break, and religion

How are you going to cook your ham for Easter?


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