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SOWELL: The ‘equality’ racket

But whether as a crusade or a racket, a confused conception of equality is a formula for never-ending strife that can tear a whole society apart — and has already done so in many countries.

THOMAS: Mario Cuomo: The rhetoric and the record

How precious in the sight of progressives was one of their saints, Mario Cuomo, the three-term governor of New York who died last week at age 82. He was a model of progressivism and a gifted rhetorician.

KING: Today’s GOP Congress: donor class vs. middle class Americans

My own conclusion is that on most issues, especially immigration and wages, everyday Americans would be much better served if they simply recognize that the fight isn’t so much between Republicans and Democrats but is actually the ruling, donor class vs. the American middle class.

CLINE: Making good on a resolution marathon

That resolutions to begin the new year are hard to keep is not a new concept, but the thought here is maybe it’s the resolution not the resoluter that is sometimes at fault.

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KRAUTHAMMER: A one-way deal with Cuba

My view is that police-state control of every aspect of Cuban life is so thoroughly perfected that outside influences, whether confrontational or cooperative, only minimally affect the country’s domestic trajectory.

YARBROUGH: Potato Bowl already looking like high mark for 2015

I had just returned from the local toxic waste site where I had disposed of my holiday fruit cakes and was busy cramming my Christmas tree down the garbage disposal (don’t ask), when I heard a knock at the door. I figured it was the Environmental Protection Agency coming to talk to me about polluting the toxic waste site with fruit cakes.

SMITH: The beauty of Arkansas’ Crystal Bridges Museum

While I didn’t know Sam Walton, I am appreciative that his descendants care for the arts, the people of the Ozarks, and anybody who makes the effort to come this way.

ROBINSON: The GOP’s bad habit

Here’s some advice for House Majority Whip Steve Scalise that also applies to the Republican Party in general: If you don’t want to be associated in any way with white supremacists and neo-Nazis, then stay away from them.

MCCULLOUGH: My list of useless lists

Click-bait on websites rarely pays off

CEPEDA: Video-gamers sound off

Parents across the land, take heart — I hear it on good account that young-adult video-game obsession is not the end of the world.

PARKER: This year the joke’s on us

A writer seeking profound pronouncements for a year-end column is likely instead to find herself awash in punchlines. Life isn’t a comedy. It’s a joke.

SOWELL: Random thoughts to start new year

If anyone in the mainstream media is at a loss for what New Year’s resolution to make, try this: Stop “spinning” or censoring stories about race, and try telling the plain truth, if only for the novelty of it.

CLINE: Another year of recollections

I sit here wondering how Christmas has come and gone and New Year’s Day is upon us. I guess it won’t be long until we’re wondering how it became baseball season again.

THOMAS: America interrupted

It will take more than a new Congress in 2015 and a new president in 2017 to save us from the fate of other empires. It will take a revival of the American spirit, and that can only come through changed attitudes towards our institutions and each other.

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GEORGE WILL: Jeb Bush's hurdles

OPINION: Former Flordia governor wants to bring joy to political campaign

Jeb Bush, 61, is the tax-cutting, fiscally austere, school-choice promoting, gun-rights protecting, socially conservative, Spanish-speaking former two-term governor of the most important swing state. But for some Republicans, his virtues and achievements are vitiated by his positions on immigration and the Common Core education standards.


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