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ROBINSON: What ‘war on whites’?

If there really were a “war on whites,” as a Republican congressman from Alabama ludicrously claims, it wouldn’t be going very well for the anti-white side.

RAMPELL: Stop the campus rape numbers game

A universal survey requirement would force schools to publicly acknowledge the extent of sexual violence on their campuses. Then they could stop worrying about embarrassment that might result from more accurate measurement of crime rates — and focus instead on better ways to prevent and respond to the crimes themselves.

SOWELL: Has thinking become obsolete?

Does anyone think that having minimum wage laws and high youth unemployment is better? In fact, does anyone think at all these days?

CEPEDA: Mindsets worth changing

School starts next week and my two sons are inconsolable about having to return to their hated “prisons.”

HUCKABY: Waiting for my grandson is like deja vu

It’s dega vu all over again! That’s how Yogi put it and Yogi is a smart man, despite the fact that he has become a cult hero of sorts for the way he expresses himself in regards to the English language.

CLINE: Gwinnett cities offer Atlanta alternative

This past weekend you could have watched a professional bicycle race in Duluth, or visited Sugar Hill to see an impressive car show, ride a zip line or see some good bands, including one fronted by movie star Kevin Bacon.

THOMAS: People, not politicians improve world economies

After years of debt (90.6 percent of GDP in 2013) and deficit spending, Britain’s ruling Conservative Party is crowing about the latest economic figures that show the country has outpaced the developed world in its economic recovery. Reuters reports that the International Monetary Fund recently upgraded Britain’s projected economic growth this year to 3.2 percent, leading “the world’s big rich economies.”

HUCKABY: Want to read an encyclopedia? There’s an app for that

The Internet has made encyclopedias obsolete and there may come a day when it does the same to recorded music, magazines and newspapers.

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OUR VIEW: Start of school brings reminder to be cautious around buses

Gwinnett County Public Schools has lot of schools and a lot of students, a fact you will likely notice during your commute to and from work. With school beginning, we remind you to use caution, watching out for the school zones and buses in your area.

RAMPELL: Who’s your boss?

Sometimes, under certain circumstances, McDonald’s Corp. might be held partly responsible for its franchisees’ bad behavior. Maybe. So announced the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel, a sort of independent prosecutor, this week.

KRAUTHAMMER: Kerry the clueless

Whatever his intent, Kerry legitimized Hamas’ war criminality. Which makes his advocacy of Hamas’ terms not just a strategic blunder — enhancing an American-designated terror group just when a wall-to-wall Arab front wants to see it gone — but a moral disgrace.

MCCULLOUGH: I love a good B movie

I love a good B movie

SMITH: Visiting Fenway Park like traveling into the past

My love of the Red Sox has never subsided. I suffered through the Curse of the Bambino. I read every book I could find about the Red Sox. Even when I began to travel, it would be some time before I would set foot in Fenway Park. Now I try to find my way here at least once a season.

ROBINSON: Give John Kerry a break on Gaza

As far as U.S. interests are concerned, it is obvious that our policy should be to fight Islamist terrorist groups such as the Islamic State. But we should not lose sight of the fact that radical Islam, as a regionwide phenomenon, is an ideological force that cannot be bombed out of existence.

SOWELL: Cease the cease-fires in the Middle East

“Cease-fire” and “negotiations” are magic words to “the international community.” But just what do cease-fires actually accomplish?


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