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ROBINSON: ‘Twas the week before the GOP debate

I feel like a kid the week before Christmas. There’s just one present under the tree, but it’s all a columnist could ever hope for: the first Republican debate!

PARKER: Obama’s truth out of Africa

It is good to be President Barack Obama these days.

CEPEDA: On immigration, we can’t handle the truth

People tend to say they want straight-talking politicians — then get upset when straight talk actually occurs.

SOWELL: Documented irresponsibility

People who entered the United States illegally may be called “undocumented” in politically correct circles, but what is all too well documented is the utter irresponsibility of both political parties in dealing with immigration issues.

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SHELDON: Working toward a free market for energy

A typical home solar system now costs around $15,000, a pretty good deal for 25-plus years of free energy. The challenge with solar is now not a technology issue — it’s a financing issue.

CLINE: Button Down Dash event a win-win for community and nonprofit

On Saturday, you can keep up that hectic lifestyle and help a good cause as well as get your exercise in. The Gwinnett Chamber is hosting its annual Button Down Dash, a 5K and 10K run set up to promote wellness.

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SMITH: The Greatest Generation and WW II always on my mind

This is about World War II. I can’t ignore the statistics that remind us how many gave their youthful lives to end Nazi tyranny. They never had an open discussion in a classroom or at a bar or at the family dinner table.

REAGAN: Why no outrage from environmentalists about pot?

The EPA is filled with environmental law ninjas that honed their skills on unsuspecting, law—abiding citizens. Why not turn them loose on the gangster growers?

SOWELL: Iran deal is historically bad

The United States seems at this moment about to break the record for the worst political blunder of all time, with its Obama administration deal that will make a nuclear Iran virtually inevitable.

PARKER: The guy who keeps Trumping himself

Watching Donald Trump is so deliciously awful, we don’t hang on every word. We hang on the edge of our seats waiting for the next word. Whatever will this man say next?

CEPEDA: Take baby steps to healthier eating

Happy midsummer! You have officially entered prime weight-gain season.

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THOMAS: Obama, you're no Ronald Reagan

At his press conference last Wednesday, our president of self-regard again linked himself with Ronald Reagan, seeking to equate his supposed success in gaining a deal with Iran not to build a nuclear weapon for 10 years to Reagan’s arms control negotiations with the Soviet Union.

CLINE: Extended hours mean Gwinnett shelter in need of volunteers

This week marks a change at the SaltLight Center, the Lawrenceville-based emergency shelter for women and children. The change is in the hours, with the center staying open into the afternoon instead of asking those who stayed overnight to leave first thing in the morning.

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KING: Georgia should end practice of 'sanctuary' counties

Sanctuary cities (and counties) are already “illegal” under federal law and have been since 1996.

RICH: Reading the newspaper never goes out of style

By reading only digital editions, I have been missing out on great stories layered deep in the pages of the newspaper. It made me recall all the stories and conversation created between my parents and others because of what they had read.


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