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Trump’s opponents need to get tough

The Trump riddle continues to compel: How has he managed to successfully execute such a mass deception?

MAROSEK: The importance of teaching the American spirit

Teachers, professors, and anyone who works with students and young minds, including parents — take to heart the important task and teach the children well, impart to them the American spirit.

CLINE: The new American pastime

Americans like to eat. But what we really enjoy is eating in places not normally reserved for dining. Which explains the popularity of picnics, tailgating and food trucks.

THOMAS: Tragedy in Roanoke

Perhaps this incident will cause some to reconsider the universal denunciation of “the media.” Most reporters have families and many work for lower pay than they might receive in other professions.

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MILLAR: Helping with property tax relief

For the past two years I have worked with attorney Walter Hotz to level the playing field for homeowners and businesses when they appeal their property tax valuations.

SMITH: Thomas County and quail hunting, football and Ike

In addition to all the other features of Thomas County’s cultural and outdoor life, you can also appreciate its link with one of America’s most popular presidents.

ROBINSON: Denial won’t defeat Donald Trump

Much of what Trump says may be appalling, but he’s definitely somebody — and no one else in the field has achieved that distinction.

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CLINE: In Gwinnett, Judy Waters has been there, done that

In Gwinnett, Judy Waters has been there, done that. And in some cases, picked out the color scheme to boot.

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REGMI: GR8 Exchange your chance to weigh in on transportation issues

Dealing with congestion by only expanding roads and constructing new corridors is no longer proving to be a viable option. The results from the GR8 Exchange will highlight the community’s choices and preferences to integrate the transportation conversation to plan better and aid policy decisions in Gwinnett County.

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THOMAS: Jimmy Carter's peace

As former President Jimmy Carter approaches not the end, but a new beginning, his political detractors, and even his supporters, might consider some self-examination to make sure they, too, are prepared.

YARBROUGH: One of Georgia Tech’s ‘Lost Dodd Boys’ looks back on the experience

Looking for something nice to say about Georgia Tech led me to Marietta in search of one of the “Lost Dodd Boys” — the last group of high school seniors to sign with Georgia Tech football coach Bobby Dodd, but who would never play a down for him.

REAGAN: It’s time for someone to take on Trump

Is Donald Trump the Republican Party’s “Music Man”?

ROBINSON: How to compete against Trump?

It has dawned on the Republican presidential field that Donald Trump’s inevitable self-destruction might be, gulp, evitable. Waiting for the unlikely front-runner to beat himself is starting to look like a plan, as Trump might put it, for total losers.

SMITH: Taking in the sights of British Columbia

An early explorer, James Douglas, landed in this area in 1843 and proclaimed it to be “a perfect Eden.” Spend time in Victoria and you will agree.

SOWELL: Random thoughts on the passing scene

Stupid people can cause problems, but it usually takes brilliant people to create a real catastrophe.


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