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EUGENE ROBINSON: Democrats in need of rebuilding plan

OPINION: I didn't see the wave coming

Tuesday’s returns will be interpreted, reinterpreted and overinterpreted. Might Democrats make too much of this midterm? Yes, but that would be better than making too little of it.

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MCCULLOUGH: Too soon for Christmas

I guess the Christmas creep forward into early November was inevitable. But do we really need to egg this on with pre-Halloween Christmas lights and decoration sales the day after Labor Day?

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SMITH: Trip to South Dakota stirs memories of pheasant hunting and friends

A return trip to South Dakota, which is a favorite state, brought about the exhilarating experiences of shooting a cock pheasant, spending time with a seasoned hunting partner, and reverently toasting the memory of a fallen friend.

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THOMAS SOWELL: Voter fraud and voter I.D.'s

OPINION: Biggest voter fraud is assertion there is no voter fraud

Sacrificing these young people’s futures, in hopes of gaining some additional black votes today, is as cynical and fraudulent as it gets.

CEPEDA: The limits to immigration reform

A very big segment of the country’s interested watchers will be waiting in anticipation to see how far the president will go to make up for all of his stalling on the issue of who gets to stay and who should be deported.

MAROSEK: The importance of believing in yourself

the earlier we help our children achieve success, the earlier they build their confidence and develop a belief in themselves.

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CLINE: Suwanee man marks 25 years with Young Life

Twenty-five years is a long time to do anything, but having a passion for your vocation makes that longevity possible. So it makes sense that Chuck Scott calls his work with Young Life a calling more than a profession.

THOMAS: Democrats played the race ‘deck’ in midterm elections

It has always mystified me why so many African-American voters remain loyal to the Democratic Party when that party — and especially the first black president — has done nothing to improve the circumstances of the poor among them.

HUCKABY: Sometimes breaking the rules is worth it

I have three longstanding rules. I don’t do book reviews. I don’t do any Christmas shopping until the last minute. I don’t sing Christmas carols until the Great Tree bursts into light on Thanksgiving night.

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MCCULLOUGH: A runoff is what scares me

Please, voters, make sure there are winners on Tuesday. Otherwise it’s two more months of this nonsense.

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EUGENE ROBINSON: What would Republicans do?

OPINION: This year's campaign has been dull and disheartening

No matter how well Republicans do at the polls Tuesday — and my hunch is they won’t do as well as they hope — the GOP won’t be able to claim any kind of mandate. That’s because they have refused to articulate any vision for governing.

SMITH: With holidays approaching, food banks need your help

The holiday season is coming up, and there are some families out there who are not doing so well. A number of them would go hungry were it not for the food banks.

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THOMAS SOWELL: Another round of random thoughts on random topics

OPINION: There is a point of no return in all relationships

The great boxing champion Joe Louis once said about one of his opponents, who was known for his speed: “He can run but he can’t hide.” In the Congressional elections this year, many Democrats are running away from Barack Obama, but they can’t hide their record of voting for Obama’s agenda more than 90 percent of the time.

CEPEDA: Elizabeth Pena: Trailblazer on the big screen

It’s no overstatement to say that we lost a trailblazer when Elizabeth Pena died earlier this month. To note that she was wonderful, but not exceptionally famous, isn’t a knock on her abilities. It is a testament to her undervalued contributions to the performing arts.

PARKER: The people and the pendulum

What we are is a nation of sensible sorts, most of whom come home each day to rest where the pendulum do. May the victors, both Democrat and Republican, remember this fact and keep it close to their conscience.


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