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HUCKABY: Remembering visit to the Holy Land this Easter

I spent the first 22 Easters of my life, as well as I can remember, in Porterdale. I always looked forward to attending Sunrise Service at Julia A. Porter United Methodist Church, even before it was united.

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KRAUTHAMMER: With campaign donations, the zealots win again

The debate over campaign contributions is never-ending for a simple reason: Both sides of the argument have merit.

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WOODALL: The FairTax means freedom

If we continue to convince more and more of our neighbors of the benefits of the FairTax, the call to action in Washington will one day overcome the loud voices calling for more of the same. Through the partnership and dedication of all those in the FairTax community, I am confident we will one day succeed in making April 15 just another spring day.

OUR VIEW: Week offers more examples of Gwinnett volunteerism

This past week you didn’t have to look too hard to find a couple of good examples of the county’s volunteer spirit. You can find a large number of volunteers at the Greater Gwinnett Championshipt golf tournament at the TPC Sugarloaf in Duluth.

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YARBROUGH: A reminder of what Easter is really about

Easter is about celebrating the One who gives us hope that something better awaits us when this life is done. A miraculous day. A joyous day. That is what Easter is really about. I wish we would all remember that.

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WIGGINS: 5 ways to celebrate Keep America Beautiful month in Gwinnett

As the month that represents Earth Day on the 22nd and Arbor Day on the 25th, it’s fitting that April has been designated Keep America Beautiful Month. A proud affiliate of Keep America Beautiful (KAB) at the local level, Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful often adopts (and sometimes even inspires) many of the practices and campaigns that this environmentally-focused organization promotes all across the nation.

ROBINSON: A victory lap for Obamacare

In the long run, no matter what happens in the election, I’m more convinced than ever that the Affordable Care Act will be seen as landmark legislation.

SMITH: Paul Herring, a real American hero

At 94, Paul Herring, forever a man in red and black where blue and orange colors dominate, has very few memory lapses. Events in his life 70 years ago are as clear and vivid as they were when his B-17 was shot down over Belgium in March of 1944.

CEPEDA: Wrigley Field: Baseball’s sacred temple

George Will does a beautiful job of making Wrigley Field an object of affection for fans and even those of us for whom — in the words of legendary sportscaster Red Barber — baseball is dull only because of the dullness of our own minds.

PARKER: Erasing the race card

It is striking that during what many had hoped would be a post-racial America, racial division has been amplified, owing not least to sustained media attention. Then again, maybe we’re experiencing the final death rattle of our racist past.

SOWELL: Comparison of men vs. women pay is statistical fraud

Although comparing women and men who are in fact comparable is not easy to do, when you look at women and men who are similar on multiple factors, the sex differential in pay shrinks drastically and gets close to the vanishing point. In some categories, women earn more than men with the same range of characteristics.

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ARORA: National Osteopathic Medicine Week a good chance to learn about GA-PCOM

This week, April 13-19, is National Osteopathic Medicine (NOM) Week. It is a week in which osteopathic physicians and medical students focus on one common goal — increasing awareness of osteopathic medicine and DOs in communities across the country.

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CLINE: National Library Week brings back memories of reading past

A library can be a place of escape for anyone, allowing readers to travel to places and see things they never dreamed they’d experience. While I believe that to be true of libraries anywhere, it may be even more true for those who grow up in a rural area or small town like I did.

THOMAS: Sebelius is the definition of a scapegoat

President Obama’s nominee to replace Sebelius, budget director Sylvia Burwell, might turn out to be better at fixing websites, but she doesn’t have the power to fix Obamacare. No one does because it is based on a weak foundation and the notion that government can do anything.

OUR VIEW: A very impressive week for Gwinnett County Schools

Students and faculty at Gwinnett County Public Schools took this past week off. Accolades for the school system did not.



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