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ROBINSON: Chasing miracles in Iraq

If Iraqis won’t fight for their nation’s survival, why on earth should we?

CEPEDA: Modern times through the eyes of a monster

In a new translation by Jamie Bulloch, we experience what a figure from the past would think through the eyes of a fictitious Hitler in “Look Who’s Back,” a hilarious novel by German author Timur Vermes.

SOWELL: Obama’s query: It is too much to ask

One of the ways of fighting poverty, President Obama proposed during a recent talk, was to “ask from society’s lottery winners” that they make a “modest investment” in government programs to help the poor.

PARKER: Trigger warnings trample free speech on campus

A trigger warning is usually conveyed on a sign carried or posted near the auditorium where a speech is to be given, alerting students to the possibility that the speaker may express an idea that could trigger an emotional response. A discussion about campus rape statistics, for example, might cause a rape victim to suffer.

CLINE: A reminder to be safe on the lake

One of the ways to prevent boating tragedies is awareness, which is where National Safe Boating Week comes in this week.

Baltimore’s problems not rooted in racist police

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has announced a Justice Department investigation to determine whether the Baltimore Police Department’s practices are unconstitutional and violate civil rights; in short, whether or not the police force there is racist.

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MICHAEL GERSON: Seeking mutual respect amid conflict

OPINION: The war on terrorism cannot be won without Muslim allies

Under U.S. law, blasphemy is fully protected speech, precisely because there is no public orthodoxy. Religious people of all backgrounds should recognize that this legal neutrality on religion has produced a society remarkably amenable to religion.

CLINE: This weekend make it a ‘Day’ out at the park

From Gwinnett’s award-winning parks to the many fine parks in its respective cities — from Suwanee to Duluth to Snellville to Sugar Hill — residents don’t lack for great facilities and amenities, everything from walking trails, to skate parks to soccer fields to dog parks. There’s no better place to hook a child on the fun of playing at the park than here.

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THOMAS: The British elections

“Shocked,” “surprised,” “stunned” were some of the words used by broadcasters, columnists, political “experts” and pollsters when a Conservative Party victory was forecast by exit polls on election night.

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CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Rethinking our treatment of animals

OPINION: Some modern practices as unthinkable as those in past

Some things are unnecessary. Caging beautiful creatures. Displaying them for spectacle. It’s good that these are being rethought.

SMITH: Spending time in horse country

Horse country is about blue grass, bourbon, and big bucks. It is also about limestone waters, which affect the taste of the bourbon and the quality of the bluegrass.

PARKER: Freddie Gray and matters of perception

In a diverse nation, we’ll never all see things exactly the same way, nor would we want to, but we might at least strive to recognize our own biases and judge our own perceptions as harshly as we do others’.

SOWELL: Race, lies and politics

One key fact that keeps getting ignored is that the poverty rate among black married couples has been in single digits every year since 1994. Behavior matters and facts matter, more than the prevailing social visions or political empires built on those visions.

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CAL THOMAS: Unruly Britannia

OPINION: Prime Minister 'Question Time' refreshing

On Thursday, the three main candidates for prime minister — David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg — one by one appeared before an audience of voters at the Leeds Town Hall where for a half-hour voters asked them informed, pointed and detailed questions. The host, the BBC’s David Dimbleby, called for questions and occasionally followed up, but mostly voters drove the program

MAROSEK: Some wishes for the graduates

Instead of me wishing you a happy life, I wish that you seek and find deep meaningful work throughout your life and loved ones to share it with.



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