LETTERS: Remarks by Clippers owner were wrong, but so was how they were obtained

Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA Clippers basketball team, is a bigot and deserves little sympathy but we should all be afraid of the tactics being used in the attempt to destroy him.

His girlfriend reportedly secretly recorded his racist rants and then released the recordings to the media. The media and the NBA have fallen all over themselves in their attack on Sterling by rebroadcasting his remarks. The attackers have overlooked that perhaps everyone has the right to make statements, however bigoted, in the privacy of their own home.

The secret recordings were evidently made in California, a state with perhaps the most stringent restrictions on the clandestine recording of private conversations. As I understand California law, the fact the Sterling did not agree to these recordings, makes them illegally obtained, and is a gross violation of his civil rights.

It appears that the media violated the law by broadcasting them and perhaps the NBA has likewise violated the rights of Donald Sterling by not only making his remarks public but has used this “evidence” which was illegally obtained. Perhaps, after the lawsuits, Sterling will also own the NBA and a few news outlets too.

I strongly disagree with Sterling’s bigoted statements, but don’t we all have the right to make private remarks, however stupid they may be, in the privacy of our home?

Ernest Wade, Loganville