Bomb threat evacuates Barrow high school; no bomb found in search

BETHLEHEM — A threat written on a bathroom wall triggered an evacuation at Barrow County’s Apalachee High School Friday.

Barrow County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Matt Guthas said authorities responded to the school in Bethlehem Friday after someone reported troubling words scrawled on the wall of a bathroom.

“The phrase did not use the word ‘bomb,’” Guthas said, “but did make an insinuation which could be considered a threat. The phrase was suspected to have been written by a student.”

Students were evacuated “to a safe area on campus” and all were accounted for, Guthas said.

Just before 1 p.m., officials said deputies had conducted an exhaustive search of the school and had not found any explosive devices. Children were allowed to re-enter the school and given lunch, Guthas added.

“Everyone is safe and there is no need for undue alarm,” Guthas wrote in an email. “The investigation will seek to determine the responsible person(s) for the threat.”

Parents were discouraged from going to the school. No one other than public safety officials would be allowed on site until the search was completed, Guthas said.