New album brings singer-songwriter Suzy Bogguss to Duluth


Singer-songwriter Suzy Bogguss is performing March 28 at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth. Bogguss is promoting her latest album, “Lucky.” (Special Photo: Amy Dickerson)


Suzy Bogguss’ latest album is a compilation of Merle Haggard songs. (Special Photo: Amy Dickerson)

If You Go

• What: An Evening with Suzy Bogguss

• When: 8 p.m. Friday, March 28

• Where: Red Clay Theatre, 3116 Main St., Duluth

• Cost: Regular seating is $23 in advance and $26 at the door, while premium seating is $28 in advance and $32 at the door, while tickets last

• For more information: Call 404-478-2749 or visit www.eddieowenpres...

Singer-songwriter Suzy Bogguss considers “Somewhere Between” her first hit single. It’s a re-recording of the Merle Haggard song and was the first track on her debut studio album of the same name in 1989.

“It really wasn’t a hit, per se, in the national sense, but just back in the day there used to be more freedom (for radio stations) to play a record and it actually went to No. 1 in several markets,” she said, “so to me it turned out to be my first hit single.”

Fast forward about 15 years and that late 1980s hit inspired Bogguss’ latest album.

“It kind of stemmed from me just looking back (at ‘Somewhere Between’),” Bogguss said of the album. “I was wanting to do an album of great country songs, so I went back and started thinking about that song. It’s so strong that even the first time somebody hears it, it speaks to them.”

Bogguss, who has her own record label now, decided she would include a Merle Haggard song on her next album and started playing some of his music.

“Organically it became a whole project to just highlight the amazing songwriting of Merle Haggard,” she said. “Everyone knows how amazing his songs are. His songs are so universal and so well-crafted than anybody can sing them. It’s just about the human experience.”

For the past few months, Bogguss has been traveling the country promoting that album, which she titled “Lucky,” and her travels are bringing her to the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth under the banner Eddie Owen Presents.

“I’ve got this really cool little combo (Chris Scruggs on guitar and steel and Charlie Chadwick on bass) and I think people are really going to enjoy it,” Bogguss said of the concert. “The Merle record, even if it is Merle Haggard songs, it’s done with my band, my players, and it’s kind of a fresh take on these songs.

“It’s kind of an interesting thing to have a song played that you kind of know the melody and lyrics, but it’s presented in a different way,” she continued. “It’s really musical. We didn’t just copy his stuff or his style; there’s more of a reinvention of the songs.”

Bogguss said Haggard sat down with his family and listened to the record.

“He just loved that we had this new take on these arrangements and the production and stuff and it made me really happy and proud that he liked it,” she said.

Bogguss will play the Red Clay Theatre at 8 p.m. Friday, March 28. She said she expects half the crowd to be Owen’s fans and half to be hers.

“I call him the Oprah book club of songwriters,” Bogguss said.

Tickets for regular seating at the show are $23 in advance and $26 at the door, while premium seating is $28 in advance and $32 at the door, while tickets last. Call 404-478-2749 or visit www.eddieowenpresents.com to purchase tickets.

If you miss Bogguss at the Red Clay Theatre, there’s another opportunity to see her play at Calhoun’s GEM Theatre on April 4. For more information on that show, visit www.calhoungem.org.