Berkeley Lake to begin replacing street signs

BERKELEY LAKE — According to city administrator Tom Rozier, an assessment of the condition of the 485 street signs in the city of Berkeley Lake has been completed. The signs evaluated are in place for regulation, warning, motorist and pedestrian guidance, and school safety.

Reflectivity requirements are specified by state and sometimes federal guidelines; over time, reflectivity of street signs degrades. About 5 percent of the city-owned signs are in poor condition, and another 2 percent should be replaced immediately.

Rozier sought and gained approval from city council members Thursday to solicit bids for repair or replacement of one-seventh of the city’s signs within a year. That approval will stand annually until all city signs are brought into compliance.

City supports Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful

Council members voted to adopt a resolution Thursday, pledging citywide support of the Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful campaign.

“Our city is behind the county’s initiative to keep Gwinnett clean and beautiful,” said Mayor Lois Salter.