Dump truck pushes car halfway through apartment unit

NORCROSS — Gwinnett firefighters responded to the scene of an incident Wednesday evening that involved a vehicle crashing into a Norcross apartment building.

Initial reports indicated a dump truck, part of a grading operation, rolled approximately 40 yards down a hill and struck a parked car in front of the building.

“The impact pushed the car halfway through a ground floor apartment unit,” said Capt. Tommy Rutledge, spokesman for the fire department. “There was no one inside the apartment and no one in the vehicle at the time.”

The dump truck driver was away from the vehicle at the time.

Firefighters from the fire department’s technical rescue team were called to the scene to assess damage to a load bearing wall within the apartment. Technical rescue team members were using shoring systems and equipment to stabilize the wall until building engineers could evaluate the integrity of the structure.

Occupants in two of the second-story apartment units were evacuated until the damage could be fully assessed and the situation deemed safe.

“We are fortunate that no one was home in the ground floor apartment and that the vehicle and dump truck were unoccupied,” Rutledge said.