Peachtree Corners council approves CitySourced app

PEACHTREE CORNERS — The Peachtree Corners City Council approved a customer agreement for the CitySourced mobile application during Tuesday’s regularly scheduled meeting.

The app will be used as a city-sourced, city response application, according to city account manager Brandon Branham.

“Residents will be able to report multiple things to the city and the city can respond,” he said.

Whether it’s potholes, graffiti or abandoned vehicles, among other things, residents will be able to report issues that will be addressed by the city.

“It won’t just go into a que,” Branham said. “The system will direct problems to the correct departments. So, if it’s potholes, it will go to public works.”

The cost to the city is $9,000 a year, while there is also an initial setup fee of $2,000.

The council heard the first read and consideration for a request for a special-use permit to add church and community uses to an existing 3.79 acre school facility located at 5505 Winters Chapel Road. The second read and public comments will be April 15.

The city also approved an agreement between it and GMA in which GMA can collect taxes from insurances companies.

It was also announced that there will be a citywide COPS meeting Monday at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church at 7:30 p.m. The topics that will be discussed include crime statistics, Gwinnett County solicitation and ordinance laws, and the Gwinnett County Police Training Center.