Snellville officials offer training on meeting rules

After watching the city council and mayor battle it out in public forums, officials in Snellville are planning to educate themselves on the rules to conducting meetings.

The Snellville Downtown Development Authority, Snellville Tourism and Trade and the Snellville Urban Redevelopment Agency all pitched in a small portions of their budget for an upcoming training class on parliamentary procedures. The event is scheduled for 8 a.m. until noon on Saturday, March 29.

Buddy Scott, the chairman of the Downtown Development Authority, helped organize the event after watching the city government planning retreat end in 12 minutes this year. While some council members had hoped to have Scott mediate the meeting, the discussion broke down with the mayor failing to acknowledge motions from the council members and the council voting to “vacate the chair.”

Scott said he wanted “to give participants of Snellville’s official boards, committees and staff the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding the proper use of Robert’s Rules of Order as it relates to their role and rights in the running of their respective meetings.”

All members of Snellville boards and commissions — including the city council — are invited to attend, as well as nonprofit groups and other authorities affiliated with the city who are required to manage meetings through the use of Robert’s Rules of Order.

The event is expected to touch on the fundamentals of Robert’s Rules of Order for chair and assembly including brief discussion how Robert’s Rules of Order works in conjunction with participating groups’ governing documents, advanced techniques managing meetings for chair and assembly and real-life scenarios.

Those invited include the mayor and council, Snellville Downtown Development Authority, Snellville Tourism & Trade Board, Snellville Urban Redevelopment Agency Board, Snellville Planning Commission Board, Snellville Arts Commission Board, Snellville Board of Appeals, the Snellville Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Snellville Personnel Advisory Board.

Board chairpersons are asked to gather a list of those who plan to attend and email it to Kelly McAloon, executive director of Snellville Tourism & Trade at Kelmca@comcast.net no later than March 21.