2014 ballots set for Georgia, Gwinnett

While the campaigning began months ago, in many cases, Georgia’s ballots became official Friday with the end of the candidate qualifying period.

As expected, the paperwork filed this week confirms a long ballot and a crowded candidate field.

The final day of qualifying added a 15th and final candidate for state school superintendent, challengers for Gwinnett Congressman Rob Woodall and Solicitor Rosanna Szabo and a second candidate for an open state House seat in District 98.

The week concluded with Gov. Nathan Deal set for primary and general election challenges, and 11 candidates vying for the U.S. Senate race that Saxby Chambliss will vacate.

The qualifying period left few candidates unopposed in this year’s election; in fact, every state office is contested, with the exception of one Public Service Commission seat and judgeships.

In Gwinnett, only three state senators and 11 representatives are unopposed for re-election, unless write-in candidates qualify. Those are: Sens. Curt Thompson, Steve Henson and Renee Unterman and Reps. Dar’Shun Kendrick, Pedro Marin, Hugh Floyd, Dewey McClain, Valerie Clark, Buzz Brockway, Timothy Barr, Chuck Efstration, Brett Harrell, David Casas and B.J. Pak. Local judicial candidates also remained unopposed.

The rest — from county commission to Congress — will be decided on May and November ballots

2014 Election Candidates

The following filed paperwork, during a week-long candidate qualifying period for the 2014 election.

Attorney General

Greg Hecht D

Sam Olens (i) R

Commissioner of Agriculture

James Christopher D

Gary Black (i) R

Commissioner of Insurance

Liz Johnson D

Keith Heard D

Ralph Hudgens (i) R

Commissioner of Labor

Robin Shipp D

Mark Butler (i) R


Jason Carter D

Nathan Deal (i) R

David Pennington R

John Barge R

Lieutenant Governor

Connie Stokes D

Casey Cagle (i) R

Public Service Commissioner, District 1

Doug Everett (i) R

Public Service Commissioner, District 4

Craig Lutz R

Douglas Kidd R

Bubba McDonald (i) R

Secretary of State

Doreen Carter D

Gerald Beckum D

Brian Kemp (i) R

Court of Appeals Judge

Gary Andrews (i)

Lisa Branch (i)

Sara Doyle (i)

Carla McMillian (i)

William Ray (i)

Robert Benham (i)

Keith Blackwell (i)

Harris Hines (i)

State Representative, District 81

Scott Holcomb (i) D

Jim Duffie R

State Representative, District 93

Dar’Shun Kendrick (i) D

State Representative, District 94

Karen Bennett (i) D

Bradley J. Young R

State Representative, District 95

Amreeta Regmi D

Tom Rice (i) R

State Representative, District 96

Pedro Marin (i) D

State Representative, District 97

Brooks Coleman (i) R

Dahlys Hamilton R

Jef Fincher R

State Representative, District 98

David Hancock R

Michael Brown R

State Representative, District 99

Hugh Floyd (i) D

State Representative, District 100

Dewey McClain (i) D

State Representative, District 101

Valerie Clark (i) R

State Representative, District 102

Buzz Brockway (i) R

Gina Jimenez Callicotte I

State Representative, District 103

Timothy Barr (i) R

State Representative, District 104

Chuck Efstration (i) R

State Representative, District 105

Renita Hamilton D

Tim Hur D

Joyce Chandler (i) R

State Representative, District 106

Brett Harrell (i) R

State Representative, District 107

David Casas (i) R

State Representative, District 108

B.J. Pak (i) R

State Representative, District 114

Tom Kirby (i) R

Keith Thomas D

State School Superintendent

Alisha Thomas Morgan D

Jurita Forehand Mays D

Denise Freeman D

Rita Robinzine D

Valarie Wilson D

Tarnisha Dent D

Allen Bowles Fort R

Fitz Johnson R

Kira Willis R

Nancy Jester R

Sharyl Dawes R

Richard Woods R

Ashley Bell R

Mary Kay Bacallao R

Mike Buck R

State Senator, District 5

Curt Thompson (i) D

State Senator, District 9

Timothy Swiney D

Mike Beaudreau R

Don Balfour (i) R

P.K. Martin R

State Senator, District 40

Benedict Truman D

Tamara Johnson D

Fran Millar (i) R

Dick Anderson R

State Senator, District 41

Steve Henson (i) D

State Senator, District 45

Renee Unterman (i) R

State Senator, District 48

Rick Underwood D

David Shafer (i) R

State Senator, District 55

Gloria Butler (i) D

Mark Williams D

U.S. Representative, District 4

Hank Johnson (i) D

Tom Brown D

U.S. Representative, District 7

Thomas Wight D

Rob Woodall (i) R

U.S. Representative, District 10

Kenneth Dious D

Brian Slowinski R

Donna Sheldon R

Gary Gerrard R

Jody Hice R

Mike Collins R

Mitchell Swan R

Stephen Simpson R

U.S. Senator

Branko Radulovacki D

Michelle Nunn D

Steen Miles D

Todd Anthony Robinson D

Jack Kingston R

Phil Gingrey R

Karen Handel R

Paul Broun R

Art Gardner R

David Perdue R

Derrick Grayson R

Gwinnett Board of Commissioners, District 2

Jay Trevari D

Lynnette Howard (i) R

Gwinnett Board of Commissioners, District 4

Alfie Meek R

John Heard (i) R

Gwinnett Board of Education, District 2

Ileana McCaigue R

Dan Seckinger (i) R

Leon Hobbs R

Gwinnett Board of Education, District 4

Zachary Rushing D

Robert McClure R

Gwinnett Solicitor

Rosanna Szabo (i) R

Gregory McKeithen D

Gwinnett State Court Judge

Pam South (i)

Joe Iannazzone (i)

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge

Tom Davis (i)

Timothy Hamil (i)

George Hutchinson (i)

Debra Turner (i)

Gwinnett Soil and Water Conservation Board

David Van Landingham

Louis D. Young Jr.