Family charged in eviction-fueled attack on landlord

Miguel Gonzales Martinez

Miguel Gonzales Martinez


Suvanee Cherrlyn Martinez


Thabata Abigay Martinez


Jonathan Martinez Delgado

LAWRENCEVILLE — The Martinez family was evicted Monday evening.

Around 6 p.m., Gwinnett County sheriff’s deputies and an accompanying crew placed the family’s belongings in the front yard, asked them to leave the home on Lawrenceville’s Deidre Marie Court, and then left themselves — all standard procedures.

Then things went off the rails. Fists were thrown, and at least one shot was fired.

The Martinez family was arrested Monday evening.

According to Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Dep. Shannon Volkodav, deputies were leaving the home when “they observed that the eviction crew was not following behind them, as is customary.”

“The deputies returned to the location to check on the welfare of the eviction crew and observed the four evicted tenants in an altercation with the homeowner,” Volkodav said.

According to witnesses, Miguel Gonzalez Martinez, Jonathan Martinez Delgado, Thabata Abigay Martinez and Suvanee Cherrlyn Martinez had approached their landlord after authorities left. The 26-year-old woman was reportedly attempting to leave the scene “when she was punched in the face, thrown to the ground and attacked by the four individuals.”

The landlord was able to retrieve a gun from her vehicle and fire a shot. She did not strike anyone.

Shortly after that, deputies returned to the scene.

All four former residents of the home were arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. As of Wednesday afternoon, they remained at the Gwinnett County jail — online records showed immigration holds for every family member besides Suvanee Martinez.