CLINE: The joke's on them

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

We took our lumps from the national media with our most recent winter storms that derailed traffic and about everything else, keeping kids from school and most folks inside. But the advantage to living in the South is that weather lasted for days, not months.

Though we experienced another cold spell to start the week, it’s no match for what the Northeast and Midwest have been through this winter. So while folks in those states had fun at our expense during our Interstate-stopping storms, the joke is now on them.

As we prepare for another weekend of 70-degree weather, here’s a look at the differences of living here and there during this time of the year:

Here: Take your dog on a nice leisurely walk, telling her how lucky she is to be outdoors.

There: Take your dog on a super-quick bathroom run, telling her how lucky she is not to be pulling a sled.

Here: Watch as kids practice to become the world’s next soccer star.

There: Watch kids as they contemplate if there really is a future riding a luge.

Here: Sit on back porch chairs, enjoying the breeze.

There: Gaze at back porch, wondering if porch chairs are still there under the snow drift.

Here: Fire up the grill for a barbecue.

There: Fire up the snow blower for a path to the street.

Here: Make yourself a cold drink.

There: Knit yourself a hat.

Here: Watch the sun shining.

There: Think how easy it would be to become like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”

Here: Navigate the hills in your neighborhood on your bike.

There: Navigate the hills in your neighborhood with the help of a sherpa.

Here: Use tennis rackets to play tennis.

There: Use tennis rackets as snow shoes.

Here: Enjoy the lake with your boat.

There: Enjoy the lake with your skates.

Here: Watch the kids playing on the lawn.

There: Watch every movie Netflix has to offer.

Here: Make plans on how to spend the rest of the warm days in March.

There: Make jokes about how Southerners can’t drive on the snow they get once or twice a year.

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