Balfour qualifies for new term; challengers come in for governor, other contests

The challenges began to heat up Tuesday during the second day of a candidate qualifying week for the 2014 election season.

A day after Gov. Nathan Deal signed up to seek a second term, one of his challengers filed paperwork.

A rare primary showdown is beginning to take shape, with the GOP filing from Dalton Mayor David Pennington, who challenged Deal to a debate after turning in his qualification.

“I will debate you anytime, anywhere on the pressing issues of the economy, taxes, government spending, ethics and education,” Pennington said. “If you are proud of Georgia’s failing economy, let’s debate it. If you are proud of Georgia’s burdensome tax structure, let’s debate it. If you are proud of your record spending increase, let’s debate it. If you are proud of your questionable, ethical record, let’s debate it. And, if you are proud of our state’s education rankings and involvement in Common Core, let’s debate it.”

The filing period is also shaping up local politics, with many of Gwinnett’s politicians hoping to return to the Gold Dome or the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center.

Less than three months after facing a jury over criminal charges, Sen. Don Balfour, who is one of Gwinnett’s longest serving politicians, filed paperwork Tuesday seeking a 12th term.

“The last several weeks I have received hundreds of calls, visits, and emails from constituents who urged me to seek re-election as their voice in the Senate,” said Balfour, who was found not guilty at trial late last year. “This support has humbled me and has been the greatest vindication I have yet received. It is because of these people that I have decided to run for re-election to the State Senate.”

One of Balfour’s challengers had filed paperwork Monday, with former Commissioner Mike Beaudreau setting up the May GOP contest.

2014 Election Candidates

The following filed paperwork Monday and Tuesday (as of 1 p.m.), during the beginning of a week-long candidate qualifying period.

Attorney General

Sam Olens (i) R

Commissioner of Agriculture

Gary Black (i) R

Commissioner of Insurance

Liz Johnson D

Keith Heard D

Ralph Hudgens (i) R

Commissioner of Labor

Robin Shipp D

Mark Butler (i) R


Nathan Deal (i) R

David Pennington R

Lieutenant Governor

Connie Stokes D

Casey Cagle (i) R

Secretary of State

Brian Kemp (i) R

State Representative, District 81

Jim Duffie R

State Representative, District 93

Dar’Shun Kendrick (i) D

State Representative, District 94

Karen Bennett (i) D

Bradley J. Young R

State Representative, District 95

Tom Rice (i) R

State Representative, District 96

Pedro Marin (i) D

State Representative, District 97

Brooks Coleman (i) R

Dahlys Hamilton R

State Representative, District 98

David Hancock R

State Representative, District 99

Hugh Floyd (i) D

State Representative, District 100

Dewey McClain (i) D

State Representative, District 101

Valerie Clark (i) R

State Representative, District 102

Buzz Brockway (i) R

State Representative, District 103

Timothy Barr (i) R

State Representative, District 104

Chuck Efstration (i) R

State Representative, District 105

Joyce Chandler (i) R

Tim Hur D

State Representative, District 106

Brett Harrell (i) R

State Representative, District 107

David Casas (i) R

State Representative, District 108

B.J. Pak (i) R

State Representative, District 114

Tom Kirby (i) R

Keith Thomas D

State School Superintendent

Allen Bowles Fort R

T Fitz Johnson R

Kira Willis R

Nancy Jester R

Sharyl Dawes R

Richard Woods R

State Senator, District 5

Curt Thompson (i) D

State Senator, District 9

Mike Beaudreau R

Don Balfour (i) R

State Senator, District 40

Fran Millar (i) R

Benedict Truman D

Tamara Johnson D

State Senator, District 41

Steve Henson (i) D

State Senator, District 45

Renee Unterman (i) R

State Senator, District 48

David Shafer (i) R

State Senator, District 55

Gloria Butler (i) D

U.S. Representative, District 4

Hank Johnson (i) D

U.S. Representative, District 7

Rob Woodall (i) R

U.S. Representative, District 10

Kenneth Dious D

Donna Sheldon R

Gary Gerrard R

Jody Hice R

Mike Collins R

Mitchell Swan R

Stephen Simpson R

U.S. Senator

Branko Radulovacki D

Todd Anthony Robinson D

Jack Kingston R

Phil Gingrey R

Karen Handel R

Paul Broun R

Gwinnett Board of Commissioners, District 2

Jay Trevari D

Lynnette Howard (i) R

Gwinnett Board of Commissioners, District 4

Alfie Meek R

John Heard (i) R

Gwinnett Board of Education, District 2

Ileana McCaigue R

Gwinnett Board of Education, District 4

Zachary Rushing D

Gwinnett Solicitor

Rosanna Szabo (i) R

Gwinnett State Court Judge

Pam South (i)

Joe Iannazzone (i)