David Hancock seeks Gwinnett state House seat

David Hancock

David Hancock

A tea party activist is the first to jump into Gwinnett’s House District 98 race, less than two weeks after incumbent Josh Clark said he would leave the post to take a new job.

David Hancock, who owns the business Suwanee Creek Software, filed paperwork to enter the race Monday.

“There are so many issues that need to be addressed on the state level,” Hancock said in a press release. ” The federal government is disregarding the rights of the states and we need genuine, conservative representatives who will be able to stand up and do what is in Georgia’s best interest.”

Hancock, a co-chairman of the Gwinnett Tea Party, listed major issues facing the state as: illegal immigration, educational mandates, Obamacare, high unemployment and high taxes, threats to the Second Amendment and personal freedoms and excessive regulation from government agencies.

“Many of these topics have become so important as a direct result of the federal government acting outside of its Constitutional authority, either by forcing programs that Georgians do not want and can’t afford or by refusing to act where it should,” Hancock said, citing health care and illegal immigration as examples.

The Gwinnett GOP activist is a former planning and zoning commissioner for the city of Suwanee.