Loganville to renovate historic Rock Gym building

LOGANVILLE — The historic Rock Gym building on Main Street in Loganville is being renovated and repurposed, according to city councilman Chuck Bagley. The first order of business in that effort is the rezoning of the property, from residential to commercial use. The renovated building will then be designated as an events venue, which can be used for official city events or leased by private entities.

Public Works superintendent Randall Casper and his staff are performing most of the renovations, thereby “saving the city a lot of money,” Bagley said.

“No one has ever lived in that building, so I have no idea why it was zoned for residential use anyway,” said councilman Mike Jones.

Later in the same council meeting, city leaders voted to establish a Special Event Permit policy, further paving the way for the Rock Gym building and the city’s Town Green to be used for public or private special events.

DDA to be revived

Next month, mayor Dan Curry will administer the oath of office to 9 new DDA members, and council members will decide how much seed money the city will give to the downtown rejuvenation efforts of the DDA. Councilman and Economic Development Committee chairman Skip Baliles said that the council is “committed to giving (the DDA) the tools that they need to make a difference in the city.”

At noon on Monday, June 16, the new board will be at City Hall for a “meet and greet,” Curry said. The public is invited to attend the event and meet the new DDA members, who have been selected to serve from the Loganville community by Curry and the council.

Alcohol ordinance amended to assist businesses

Distance requirements and other housekeeping matters related to Loganville’s alcohol ordinance have been changed slightly, a move that allows restaurants to serve alcohol in areas adjacent to, but outside, the structure of their place of business with prior approval by city council.

“I like this,” Jones said. “If an outdoor event helps our businesses attract more customers, I’m all for that.”