Beer lovers enjoy warm weather, cool beverages at BeerFest Duluth

Beer flows from the Monday Night Brewery taps on Saturday at the BeerFest Duluth - Brews & Tunes. (Photo: Godfrey Torrance)

Beer flows from the Monday Night Brewery taps on Saturday at the BeerFest Duluth - Brews & Tunes. (Photo: Godfrey Torrance)

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Crowds pack the downtown area for BeerFest Duluth Brews and Tunes on Saturday afternoon. (Photo: Godfrey Torrance)

DULUTH — On a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon with a pair of bands providing a great backdrop, cold beer was the beverage of choice to cool off at the second BeerFest Duluth: Brews and Tunes Festival in Town Green of downtown Duluth’s Festival Center.

Twenty breweries representing over 200 brands of beer were featured as beer lovers from the around the area came to sample the brews and hang out.

“We found out about it on Facebook,” said Jen Van Harte of Sugar Hill, a festival-goer along with Gus Lolakis. “We usually go to the beer festival in Suwanee and then we heard about this one, so we decided to try it. This one is a little bit smaller than the one in Suwanee, but it’s still nice because there aren’t as many lines.”

Started last year by Greg Lindquist of The Best of Brews along with the city of Duluth, the Brews and Tunes Festival once again featured a laid-back atmosphere with beer, food and music.

“Everyone has been having a good time,” said Lindquist. “It’s a smallish crowd and we would like to have it bigger. But the folks who are here are chilling out and enjoying the music.”

Music was provided by Athens-based band Scarlet Stitch and Atlanta’s The Regulars Band, which both performed on the stage at Town Green as festival-goers went from vendor to vendor to sample the many varieties of beer.

One of the breweries on hand was Terrapin Beer Company of Athens, which participated for the second year in a row.

“We found out about this last year because The Best of Brews is one of (Terrapin’s) accounts,” said Abigail Agati, marketing manager for Terrapin’s north Georgia area. “We have a very, very clear mission at Terrapin that we want to take care of the backyard. That’s pretty much anywhere from Athens to Atlanta.

“We’re into 10 states now, mainly throughout the Southeast, but we always want a strong presence in our local market.”

Folks on hand could also dig into Slope’s barbecue, sample craft beer ice cream from Frozen Pints and there was even a display set up for Whisker Biscuits, a dog-treat company.

But the main focus was the beer, which ranged from exotic imports to classic favorites.

“I hope this is something we can continue to do,” said Lindquist. “Our lease at the (The Best of Brews) store is up in September and we’ve cut a deal with the landlord to be there through December. So we’ll just have to see where we are next year as far as putting on this event again.”