Kingston's latest endorsement comes from Gwinnett congressman

Jack Kingston

Jack Kingston


Rob Woodall

LAWRENCEVILLE — The latest endorsement of Jack Kingston comes from Gwinnett’s congressman.

U.S. Rep. Rob Woodall on Friday morning announced that he would pledge support for Kingston, the Savannah congressman running against businessman David Perdue for the U.S. Senate seat to replace the retiring Saxby Chambliss. The Senate GOP primary runoff will be July 22. In-person early voting begins on June 30.

“In my three years in Congress, I have come to know Jack Kingston as one of the most conservative members in the House,” Woodall said in a statement released by the organization “Friends of Jack Kingston.” “But more importantly, I have come to know him as one of the most effective members of the House.”

In the May primary election, Perdue received nearly 31 percent of the vote, while Kingston collected nearly 26 percent.

In recent weeks, Kingston has picked up endorsements from former opponents Karen Handel, a former Secretary of State, and U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey. Late last month, Kingston received the endorsement of Gwinnettian Julianne Thompson, who co-chairs the Atlanta Tea Party.

“Jack has been an outspoken supporter of the FairTax, a committed advocate for our men and women in uniform, and a tireless budget hawk, serving on a committee that has reduced federal spending by more than a trillion dollars in just the three years that I have served in Congress,” Woodall said. “Jack Kingston is a family man of character who never forgets that he works for the people. He will make Georgia very proud in the United States Senate. Jack Kingston has my enthusiastic vote and full support.”

Kingston pledged to be Woodall’s primary ally in the Senate to enact the FairTax proposal.

“Rob Woodall has wasted no time in making a name for himself as an unrelenting advocate for accountability and reform in Washington,” Kingston said. “He’s taken up the mantle of the FairTax and advanced it further than ever before. As Georgia’s next Senator, I’ll lead the fight for the FairTax in the Senate and look forward to standing with Rob as it is signed into law.”

Among Perdue’s endorsements is radio talk show host and former presidential candidate Herman Cain.