POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Senate candidate to attend Gwinnett GOP open house

The Gwinnett Republican Party is gearing up for November with two events scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 2.

Saturday morning, Georgia Republican Party chairman John Padgett and Georgia GOP Multicultural Committee co-chair Lisa Kinnemore will be the guest speakers at the Gwinett GOP monthly breakfast. The breakfast will be held at 550 Trackside and begins at 8:30 a.m.

Saturday at 2 p.m., the Gwinnett GOP will host an open house at their headquarters, located at 46 S. Clayton Street in Lawrenceville. U.S. Senate candidate David Perdue is expected to attend.

The events, according to a Gwinnett GOP website post by chairwoman Rachel Little, are designed to motivate and inspire local Republicans to “get involved and participate in a meaningful way in the November campaign.”

Georgia GOP chairman weighs in on leaked Nunn playbook

A leaked memo which reportedly details the campaign strategies and challenges of Democratic senatorial candidate Michelle Nunn provided Republicans with plenty of fodder this week.

“What we learned yesterday from Michelle Nunn’s campaign playbook should come as no surprise to Georgia voters,” said Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett in a press release. “Michelle Nunn is willing to say and do anything to get elected.

The memo, leaked to The National Review, addresses voter demographics, perception issues and fundraising targets.

“It’s sad that someone would be so desperate for a title. Public service is a noble calling for those who are genuinely interested in representing the beliefs of those they serve,” Padgett wrote. “Clearly, Michelle Nunn is more concerned with tricking voters than serving them. She cares more about winning at all costs than representing our Georgia values in Washington.”

Deal, Carter camps trade barbs over ethics accusations

Days after Democrats demanded a full investigation of an alleged coverup involving complaints stemming from Nathan Deal’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign, the Georgia Republican Party fired back claiming Democratic candidate Jason Carter has “a lot of explaining to do” regarding accusations levied by a former Republican lawmaker.

Former State Senator and Newton County Commissioner John Douglas filed an ethics complaint alleging Carter, a state senator, lined up contributions for a New York City fundraising event while the Georgia General Assembly was still in session.

“This is a pathetic and transparent attempt to deflect attention from the never-ending ethical quagmire in which Gov. Deal finds himself,” said Carter for Governor campaign manager Matt McGrath in a released statement. “Georgia voters are learning more every day about the pattern of abuse and intimidation that led to a jury verdict and settlements with whistleblowers exceeding $3 million, as well as the extreme lengths he and his top aides have taken to cover up their misdeeds.”

A post on the Georgia Republican Party website accuses Carter of having “ducked the truth while his hired hands have doubled down on their assault of Governor Nathan Deal.”

That assault including filing not one, but two ethics complaints against Deal—one concerning a Republican Governors Association fundraiser reportedly held during the legislative session, the other involves an invitation to a Deal for Governor fundraiser allegedly sent by Deal’s campaign during the legislative session.

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