Police: Witnesses stop mother on DUI ride with her son in car

Leena Roshanani Mithani

Leena Roshanani Mithani

A Duluth mother allegedly went on an erratic DUI ride early Saturday morning, jumping curbs and driving into ditches in Suwanee as her 8-year-old son sat unbuckled in the backseat.

She didn’t get far.

Witnesses reportedly followed the woman and made her pull over.

When Suwanee police responded arrived, they found the three witnesses surrounding 44-year-old Leena Roshanani Mithani’s Mercades on the side of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, according to a report of the incident. The passersby made her hand over her car keys and wait for authorities.

The men told an officer what they’d seen.

One man said he was on his motorcycle on nearby Moore Road when he saw the Mercedes driving wildly without its headlights turned on. He also saw a pickup truck, with the other witnesses inside, following her and he joined in pursuit, the report says.

The men in the truck told the officer they had seen the Mercedes driving all over the road — and curbs and sidewalks — and head-on into oncoming traffic.

According to the report, Mithani told the officer that she had just come from a house party and had been having trouble trying to turn her headlights on when the men started following her. The officer wrote in the report that, while the woman said she only had two drinks two hours earlier, she smelled strongly of alcohol and couldn’t keep up with conversation.

She submitted to a series of sobriety tests and failed, according to the report. Her blood alcohol content tested at .103 and .105, both above the legal limit of .08.

Mithani was arrested after her husband came to pick up the child, who wasn’t injured.

If it hadn’t been for the witnesses, things could have turned out differently, Capt. Cass Mooney of the Suwanee Police Department said.

“While we don’t recommend that anyone take action other than to be a good witness,” Mooney said, “these three people probably prevented this situation from having a more tragic outcome.”

Mithani was charged with DUI child endangerment and a seat-belt violation because the boy wasn’t buckled in, according to the report. She was released from the Gwinnett County jail on $2,551 bond later Saturday morning.