New tool allows parents to compare student progress

Parents who want to know how their child compares academically to his or her peers can now access that information through Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Parent Portal.

The Georgia Department of Education has provided GCPS with data describing how much each student has grown relative to academically-similar students. The Georgia Student Growth Model Report is based on prior test data and is only available for those students who had two years of assessment data available in the 2012-2013 school year. For example, a student’s fifth grade language arts growth score is based on third and fourth grade results. The reports may be viewed by test, subject, grade and student subgroup.

In addition to past results and comparative data, the reports also provide growth projections and targets for the upcoming year. The reports can be accessed by any parent with a Parent Portal account. In order to access the information, log into Parent Portal, click on the “Test History” tab and select “2013 Student Growth Report” under assessment reports. Parents who do not have an Parent Portal account may obtain a registration form at their child’s school.

Statewide information is available on the Georgia Department of Education website at http://gastudentgrowth.gadoe.org.