Reagan Parkway reopens, Gwinnett roads improve as ice melts

Gwinnett roads have improved after two days of ice, officials say.

The Georgia DOT announced at about 8:30 a.m. that there are no current reports of icing in Northeast Georgia, a district that includes Gwinnett.

Ronald Reagan Parkway, which county officials closed due to icing Wednesday, reopened at about 9 a.m. The state agency said no state highways or interstates in the area are currently closed.

“We expect the rising temperatures will continue to improve road conditions throughout the day,” said Bayne Smith, district engineer for Northeast Georgia. “We are monitoring conditions and checking bridges and known trouble spots. Trouble areas are shady areas and higher elevations where black ice reforms quickly or melting takes longer to occur.

“Please continue to be cautious driving and do not travel into Metro Atlanta unless it is an emergency,” he added. “GDOT has treated the Interstates but there is still icing on the system due to the lower temperatures. If you are traveling on the interstate in Metro Atlanta, we strongly encourage motorists to use stay in the far right lanes and use extreme caution.”