DOT urges motorists to stay off roads

With snow and ice creating more of a parking lot than a winter wonderland, transportation officials say they are doing all they can to help with the hazardous road conditions.

The Department advises the public to refrain from all but such absolutely necessary travel until midday today at the earliest.

“This is a very dangerous situation,” Georgia DOT spokeswoman Natalie Dale warned. “Already this storm and the bitter temperatures have caused untold hardships. We are pleading with the public to remain home Wednesday morning until at least well after sunrise, preferably all day if possible. For your own safety, you should refrain from driving at all unless you are faced with a dire emergency.”

Throughout the night, Georgia DOT crews were responding to reports of icing on Ga. Highway 141 at Holcomb Bridge Road. Duluth police officials said portions of Buford Highway and Duluth Highway were impassable.

As motorists waited for hours in traffic jams, the Georgia DOT urged people to stay off of highways.

“We are doing all we can to manage the worsening highway conditions,” Dale said last night. “That effort is complicated in some areas by the heavy traffic of individuals trying to get home and the very large number of roadways experiencing issues. We ask people to please stay home and when they get there not drive unless it is necessitated by an emergency.”

Duluth officials are warning of ice on North Berkeley Lake Road and at the Buford Highway overpass at Pleasant Hill Road.

The Georgia State Patrol said late Tuesday they responded to nearly 1,000 incidents on metro-Atlanta roads.

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