Buford parents accused of molesting 5-year-old, sharing child porn online

Heather Denise Dalton

Heather Denise Dalton


This story originally identified another man as the male suspect. Arrest warrants have been issued alleging that man violated his probation on child molestation charges, but he is not connected to this case.

BUFORD — A Buford couple has been charged with distributing child pornography online and molesting the female's 5-year-old son, allegedly promising him candy in return for his cooperation.

According to a Gwinnett County police incident report, special agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Detroit office recently arrested a man accused of abusing his son and publishing it online. During interrogations, that suspect told authorities he had “exchanged child porn with a couple in Buford and that the couple also said they molested their 5-year-old son.”

The FBI’s Atlanta field office then opened an investigation into Heather Denise Dalton, 27, and her 29-year-old boyfriend, Samuel William London. They reportedly uncovered a disturbing set of details.

Federal authorities found child porn on the bedroom computer at the couple’s Buford home, the address of which was redacted from a Gwinnett County police incident report. Though names were also redacted from the report, it is believed that London “admitted to downloading child porn and was arrested by the FBI.”

Gwinnett County police spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith confirmed that the male suspect in the case was in federal custody.

A Gwinnett detective also interviewed the alleged victim. The 5-year-old reportedly told authorities that his mother engaged in sexual activity with him while London watched, and that she made him touch her chest.

“He also described his mother attempting to have sex with him and promising him 10 candy bars in return,” the incident report said.

A search warrant reportedly uncovered letters that Dalton wrote describing “how she fantasized about molesting children.”

Dalton was detained by local authorities and is being held at the Gwinnett County jail without bond. She has been charged with single counts of aggravated child molestation and child molestation, though reports indicated further charges would be pursued.