LETTERS: Traffic needs to be considered before mix-used project complete

I have been wondering what was happening with the mixed-use plan for the Coolray Stadium. Well, I found out in Thursday’s edition of the Daily Post (“GCVB OKs mixed-use plans near Coolray Field,” Jan. 23, 10A).

My biggest question is now that that huge project is approved, how is the traffic on Highway 20-Buford Drive going to be handled? I live several lights from Intersate 85 and there are times the traffic is totally backed up and it is almost impossible to get access from a side street.

What plans are in the works to provide for the hundreds more vehicles that will be added to the already busy access to the Mall of Georgia and to destinations past the mall?

I hope the future plans, if any, will be put into place before the mixed-use become habitable.

Mary S Pierce, Lawrenceville