LETTERS: Horse feathers to Obama being good at taking blame

In response to the letter from Mike Bence praising President Obama for his ability to stand up to the plate and take responsibility for his actions like Governor Christie did, I say: horse feathers.

The writer states that “The continuing revelation of facts will likely lead to the true source…” of Bridgegate, which of course, is Governor Christie. He goes on to say that on several occasions, Obama took blame “Harry Truman Style.” Now that’s the laugh of the day.

While Obama apologists are in a fury about Bridgegate, they seem to have forgotten some of the instances when the president took no blame, as usual, passing it on to everyone else, ie. Benghazigate, IRS Tea Partygate, gun-runninggate, Arab Springgate and all the other gates that have left the U.S. at the weakest point militarily since Clinton was in office and a laughingstock to the world.

But of course, Obama would be doing better had President Bush not left him problems to inherit. Bush “inherited” the 9/11 plot from Clinton, but he never complained or blamed anyone. All presidents inherit stuff from the predecessor, good and bad.

President Obama did step to the plate and take credit for killing Bin Laden, even though it was Bush’s gearing up the military after Clinton that put the SEAL Team in place. He hasn’t taken responsibility for losing the most SEAL Team and Special Forces members of any president in history.

President Obama is a victim of his on self-serving agenda, or maybe Soros’ agenda. He did not “work tirelessly” correcting the Obamacare fiasco, he played golf in Hawaii, again.

Let’s not confuse the issue with facts.

J.L. Robb, Duluth