POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: GOP leaders back Donna Sheldon, Mike Collins releases plan in congressional race

Dacula’s Donna Sheldon has some major political figures in her corner in her race for Congress.

Sheldon, the former GOP caucus chair for the state House, announced that many of the party’s top leaders in the body are working for her campaign for the District 10 seat, which is expected to be vacated by U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, who is running for U.S. Senate.

State House Speaker David Ralston, Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones and Majority Leader Larry O’Neal are on her team, Sheldon said.

“Donna is the kind of person we need to send to Congress because she can stand by her conservative principles while also bringing both sides of the political aisle together,” Ralston said. “She is a knowledgeable grownup in the room which we have too little of in Washington.”

Sheldon said she appreciates the support from her former colleagues.

“I am very proud that those I have served closely with as we balanced budgets and cut wasteful programs are coming on board with my campaign,” she said. “If we could run Washington as well as we run Georgia we would be in much better shape as a nation than we are today.”

Republican competitor Mike Collins released a plan to “Overhaul DC” last week, as part of his campaign.

“As a businessman, it’s in my nature to have goals and a business plan before I set out to accomplish something,” said Collins, a businessman whose father Mac Collins was a congressman. “My Overhaul DC plan is that business plan for turning things around at the federal level.”

“Our problems in Washington don’t come from having too many business people in Washington. Folks are glad to hear that I’ve actually built something, been creating jobs, making a payroll, paying taxes and balancing a budget,” Collins said. “I’m excited to travel this district with a plan and explain that conservative principles and business-minded solutions can make our country and economy strong again.”

The six-page plan can be found at OverhaulDC.com.

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