LETTERS: Letter off the mark on criticism of Obama

I am writing in response to Gene Wade’s letter to the editor in which he starts out defending Governor Chris Christie, and then proceeds directly to Obama bashing. He touts the “ethical” attributes of Christie, who threw his top aids under the buss, then took responsibility for the bridge closing, as if he knew nothing of it at the time.

The continuing revelation of facts will likely lead right back to the true source of the revengeful closing order — Gov. Christie.

Wade says Obama has never taken blame for anything. On several occasions Obama did publicly take the blame “Harry Truman style” for the ACA implementation problems. He has since worked tirelessly with his people to correct them. Christie’s transgression may result in a criminal offense. Obama’s ACA problems were the result of under estimating the mega-scope of its implementation — apples and oranges.

Wade says that Obama blames all of his problems on President Bush. Not true, only his inherited problems, (ie: a near stock market crash resulting in massive job loss; a record national debt due to an unnecessary and unpaid-for war in Iraq, costing trillions; tax legislation allowing large corporations to hoard trillions off-shore, while out-sourcing American jobs; etc.). His remaining problems (until this year’s upcoming election, that is) are the Republican congress, which blocks all of his attempts to create jobs and improve the economy and the middle class.

Mike Bence, Sugar Hill